Designing a family-friendly bathroom

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We’ve recently had our family bathroom done. For one of the smallest rooms in the house, we certainly seem to spend quite a lot of time in there! I have to say, bath time is one of my favourite times as a parent but the bathroom definitely needs to be child-friendly. Hot water, slippery surfaces and children do not always mix well.

I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned along the way about designing a family-friendly bathroom. I’m really pleased with our choices and it definitely makes a big difference from the blue and white seashell theme which was in there before.

The Bath

There is a huge variety of baths out there. The standard oblong bath isn’t the only option! If you’ve got a square-shaped bathroom, a p-shaped bath may work really well if you have a shower over the bath. We do, and we chose a p-shaped bath and curved shower screen. If mobility is an issue, you may choose to invest in a walk-in bath. If space is not an issue, you might like to consider a corner bath.

You can also choose a free-standing bath, but again, you’d need a larger bathroom – although I do like the idea of being able to clean right underneath it!

The Sink

A decent-sized sink is a real blessing in a family bathroom. We can easily have three people crowded around the sink, all brushing their teeth at the same time. We opted for a square-shaped sink with all clean lines and little detailing. This makes it really easy to clean too.

I particularly wanted a mixer tap in the bathroom sink – washing your face in warm water straight from the tap is much nicer than having to mix the hot and cold from separate taps. Lever taps are much easier for small hands to operate too, rather than pillar taps.

The Toilet

We opted for the toilet that went with the sink to be honest! Again, the clean lines and easy flush button are great. In our previous bathroom, we had a family toilet seat which was fantastic for allowing the children to gain confidence with using the toilet.

The Shower

One of the main reasons we really wanted to have our bathroom re-fitted was to install an overhead shower above the bath. Before this, we had a shower in our tiny ensuite bathroom and the family bathroom only had a bath. This was fine for just our needs, but was tricky when we had guests. We could also foresee a time in the very near future when our children wanted to have showers rather than baths.

Our plumber suggested a mixer shower with diverter which I absolutely love. The main shower gives that ‘rainfall’ effect, while the diverter is perfect for cleaning the bath.

The type of shower you can get will depend on your water pressure and the pumps necessary. You will need to get your plumber to talk you through all the options before you go ahead.

The Flooring

We chose our flooring ourselves and our plumber fitted it for us which certainly saved us a job. However, shopping for it was trickier than I expected. For a bathroom, you need a specific kind of flooring (unless you are using tile or stone; we used laminate) which is suitable for wet rooms like bathrooms. Splash-proof isn’t enough! You will also need a specific underlay. We ended up with the Aquanto Flooring from B&Q – the B&Q website does set it out clearly and helps you to calculate how much you need.

The Heating

One of the very best things we did was to replace the radiator with a heated towel rail. A warm towel after a shower is a real moment of luxury for me – and the towels dry much faster after use.

I really hope this helps you to design your own family friendly bathroom.





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