A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

There is the tiniest touch of Spring in the air. It’s turned my mind towards slightly lighter clothing and a fresher colour palette for my wardrobe. If you saw the Winter Hygge Capsule Wardrobe, you will recognise some of the key pieces – dark skinny jeans, a couple of cosy jumpers – as Lancashire Winters are definitely not as warm as the fashion houses would have us believe. But this Spring Capsule Wardrobe has lots of layers, some lighter, some warmer, and will see you right through to Summer.

The key pieces in the Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Tops: Both short and long sleeved, at least 2 of each.

Bottoms: Jeans, navy and white. Wide-legged trousers. A patterned skirt and a denim skirt. Most of these will be basics in a Summer capsule too.

Outer layers: You will definitely need a couple of jumpers, a casual jacket and a cardigan.

Shoes: The warmest outfit can be made more spring-like with a flash of ankle. So trainers, loafers and flats are ideal.

The colour palette

My own colouring is very ‘Summer’ – I’m blonde, with blue eyes and pale skin. So I wear a light colour palette too. These colours would also work really well for ‘Spring’ colouring, but Autumns and Winters will want to switch out some of the pinks and lighter colours.

The combinations

There are SO many possible combinations with these clothes. I could have kept putting outfits together but I was limited by the number of items Polyvore would let me have. I honestly believe that a capsule wardrobe, where everything works with everything else, is the simplest way to have an organised wardrobe.

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