Looking after your accessories

We’re almost at the end of our month focusing on our clothes. Hopefully, the basics of your wardrobe and your style are in place, and you can turn your attention to looking after your accessories.

I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed this month. This was one month I really needed to work through myself. I’ve taken a deep breath and decluttered clothes I have worn loads and loved, but I’ve had to accept that they’re not right for my shape or lifestyle now. I’ve focused on my style and am working towards a capsule wardrobe. It’s also given me a kind of ‘permission’ to buy a few things for myself – because I know they will work well with things in my wardrobe and I’ll get the most out of them.

Looking after your accessories

For the final few days of this month, we’re looking after our accessories. I’ve used this term broadly to cover anything that isn’t clothes (and the two may even cross over at some points). So yes, jewellery, bags, scarves etc, but also coats, shoes, make up… Anything that is extra. 

Once again, you’ve got daily tasks, and I want you to add to your list. Now you’ve got a good idea of your style and colours, these are the kinds of things you can look out for all the time. If you know that you want a scarf that will match your grey dress, your blue shirt and to brighten up a white jumper, you can look out for one. If you know you wear a lot of plain colours, perhaps you want some patterns. Perhaps you haven’t bought any make up since you got married and you know you should update it? Get it on the list! 

Daily Tasks

Monday: Go through your bags. Get rid of any rubbish, wipe them down, hoover them out (it’s so satisfying) and arrange them so you can see them all.

Tuesday: Go through your jewellery. If you have small children, you will get a chance to wear those fun necklaces again, so don’t throw them all away! If you have jewellery that has become tarnished, give it a good clean. If your rings are white gold, take them into a jewellers and get them re-plated if they haven’t been done for a while. It’ll cost around £30 but will make a real difference.

Wednesday: Go through your winter gear: hats, scarves, gloves etc. Do it for each family member, and find somewhere to store them. Get rid of any that are too small, damaged etc and make a note of what you need. 

Thursday: Go through your coats. Check the pockets, get them dry cleaned if you need to. Check sizing for children’s coats. Store any that you don’t need at the moment (although in the UK yesterday we had both 30C heat and hailstorms, so anythings is possible). 

Friday: Go through your make-up. Wash your brushes (mild shampoo is fine) and lay them flat to dry. Make a note of any formulations and shades you absolutely love so you can buy them if you see them on offer. Make a note of anything that needs replacing. 

Saturday: Go through any scarves, belts, umbrellas and anything else you can think of! Wash and clean anything that needs it. Make a note of anything you need to buy or replace – perhaps a pair of jeans that don’t quite stay up without a belt?

Next month, we’re focusing on fitness! This is another one I really need some motivation on, so find your workout clothes and take a deep breath next weekend!

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