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So far, we’ve looked at Discovering our identity and Finding our skills and strengths. This week, we’re going to plan out the next steps and set ourselves some real, tangible goals.

I know lots of people who read this blog are mothers, often of young children. I’m the same – my children are 5 and nearly 2. It can feel like each day is an endless parade of toys, meal times, cleaning up, tidying, dressing, wiping, picking up, more toys… It can feel like we make very little progress. Perhaps the children do, sometimes progress (and then you look back and realise how much they have changed), but us? We get stuck.

Setting goals for you

So this week, we’re going to set ourselves some goals that help us to move forward with what we want to do.

These do not have to be big, career-orientated goals. They might not involve writing a novel or starting a business or getting a great promotion. They might be smaller but more tangible: taking a class or completing a challenge. They might tie in with some of the other things we’ve looked at – health and fitness, for example.

What I really want to encourage you to do is to invest in yourself.

You see, the children are not always going to need you to pick up after them. They won’t always be needing to be picked up or held every second of the day. You spend so much time investing in other people. This is your chance to sow some of that time and attention back into yourself.

I know you don’t get much time. That may well shape the activities you choose to do. There might not be any spare money for you to invest in classes or courses at the moment. But there are libraries, and YouTube tutorials.

5 goals for you

So your task for this week is to set yourself 5 goals. They could all be about different things, or they could all be on the same theme.

Goal 1: One to achieve this week.

Goal 2: One to achieve this month.

Goal 3: One to achieve this quarter (3 months).

Goal 4: One to achieve this year.

Goal 5: One to achieve in 5 years.

My goal might be to write and publish a novel, and to be able to write full time. So my goals might look like this:

Goal 1: Sketch out a rough plot.

Goal 2: Write the first chapter.

Goal 3: Write half the novel.

Goal 4: Find a publisher.

Goal 5: Publish 3 novels.

Alternatively, I might like to get involved in a local singing group. So my goals might look like this:

Goal 1: Find out about local singing groups.

Goal 2: Contact 3 local singing groups. Find a good one for me.

Goal 3: Attend rehearsals.

Goal 4: Perform in a show.

Goal 5: Make sure I have at least one night a week doing my hobby (not necessarily singing).

Look back at your Skills and Strengths and play to them. Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child and see if you can rekindle that spark. Invest in your own identity. You won’t regret it.

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