The only Weekly Cleaning Schedule you need

I honestly believe routines are the ONLY way to go when it comes to cleaning. How are you going to keep on top of cleaning if you don’t have a cleaning schedule? Last year, I wrote about How to create a weekly routine for your family. Since then, my lovely Organised Life Project Facebook Group have asked for a fixed cleaning routine that we can all share. So, of course, I’ve created a Weekly Cleaning Schedule which will help you keep your home clean, tidy and organised.

This goes hand in hand with a Daily Routine, where you do your dishes, wipe down surfaces, tidy around and do a load of laundry each day. If you do a daily routine, a lot of your cleaning, and the stress of having a messy home, just disappears.

The Only Weekly Cleaning Schedule You Need

I always say with my schedules that you need to adapt them to work for you. That’s exactly the same with this schedule. However, this is the schedule I follow, and that I’m going to suggest you start with if you have no idea where to start.

If you are looking for the Monthly Cleaning Tasks, you’ll find them in the Resource Library – get the password by joining the project (it’s free).

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How long will this take?

I’d say every task takes 20-30 minutes. If you have loads of shirts to iron (lots of school uniform?), it’ll take you longer on Sunday. It also, obviously, depends how fast you work and how distracted you are!

I’ve added in a slot for ‘Life Admin.’ I honestly think that this is one of the keys to becoming more organised. All those doctors appointments, birthday presents, party invitations – you sort them on a Wednesday. This is ideal because it’s midweek, so offices and surgeries are open, plus you’re past the madness of Monday.

I also do my online shop on Wednesday, and pick it up after work on Friday. This works really well for us, and it’s lovely to have plenty of food in over the weekend!

Shouldn’t you do all your cleaning in one go?

You can absolutely do all your cleaning in one go, if that’s the way you like to do it. Personally, I don’t like doing it that way. It takes a whole chunk of time and the house only feels clean for 5 minutes! I like to spread it out across the week and then I know it’ll get done.

If you prefer to do all your cleaning in one go, then of course you could do so – it’s completely up to you.

I’m completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start

I would actually start with decluttering. You have to clear your clutter, and then the cleaning will get so much easier. If you need support with decluttering, have a look at How to declutter your home in one month. 

After that, just jump in with whatever day we are on. The nicest thing about a schedule like this is that you can just jump in right where we are.

I’ll be motivating you all and sharing this in our Facebook group – do come and join us!



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    • Yes, exactly! I think when we feel like we have to clean the whole house, it’s a mammoth task. But doing a little bit each day is completely achievable. xx

  • This is such a useful post! I’ve been trying to set myself a cleaning schedule, after being inspired by your previous posts. I do often feel overwhelmed with cleaning – we have recently moved to a large house and it takes much longer to clean than our old one bed! 😉 I never feel on top of it and often lack motivation. But I like having a clean house! Having a schedule is helping and if I miss something I try to just stick to the schedule. It’s always dusting that seems to drop off – I like this idea of just having that on a separate day. x

    • Thanks Rosie. I always have quite a bit of tidying to do after the weekend (something to do with us all being in the house…) so I try to combine dusting and tidying. Come into the Facebook group and find a bit more motivation each day too xx

    • I think you’d be surprised at how much you can get done in half an hour when you really focus. Give it a go and see how you get on!

  • I need this cleaning routine. At the moment I do everything on the Saturday and then I get annoyed when it is taking me ages. I don’t know why I have never broken it down!