How to create Monthly Routines

This week, we’re going to be creating monthly routines to help support our households. Like all out routines, these will evolve. As you work your way through The Organised Life Project, you will add to and refine these routines.

The Printables

If you are signed up to The Organised Life Project, you will have received the printable version of the routine below. You can also download all the resources for the entire project from the Resources Library. You can print it off, add your own, and ideally laminate it. Then, when each job is done, you can either date it, or simply check it off.

Why do we need to create monthly routines?

For me, a monthly routine is where you put all those jobs that need to be done at some point but that don’t need to be done every week. It’s excessive to clean your oven every week, but it does need to be done (and you can find a brilliant oven cleaner in my post about My Essential Cleaning Kit ). 

I’ve also put things in that I know I need to do more regularly: hoovering out my car, for example, and clearing out my purse. I’ve tried to add in a few tasks that I do each month to help me to keep on top of things. 

There are some things in there that don’t need to be done every month – flipping the mattresses, for example – but actually, it’s better that it’s done more often than not at all. 

Download a free printable monthly cleaning routine.

Can I add things in?

Yes, you definitely can add things in. I would really encourage you to, and here are some more ideas to get you started:

Go through your finances and your spending for the last month. Can you save any more? 

Send a card to someone who you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Declutter one drawer/cupboard/shelf etc.

Transfer your photos from your memory card or phone to your computer.

Scrub out the washing machine or dishwasher.

Clean the cooker hood.

Do I have to do a task a day?

Absolutely not, if that doesn’t suit you. Do them when you can. A lot of these tasks are the kinds of things I do at the weekend, or when I somehow have a bit more time free. Perhaps I’m listening to a radio show and I want to keep listening, so I find another kitchen-based job to do! 

If I’m really honest, a lot of these jobs only need doing every 2-3 months. So I tick it off on the list, and that helps me keep track. I might do some jobs more regularly, but this list helps me to remember the jobs I otherwise avoid.

Routines are there to make your life easier, not to rule your life. With these tasks – in fact, with all the tasks – the world is not going to stop turning if you don’t get things done! But your world will turn a bit smoother if you do the tasks more regularly. Unless you use that oven cleaner. 

We’re almost there with the routines section of The Organised Life Project. You can find the sections on Decluttering from January here: The Organised Life Project: Decluttering and if you still need to sort our your daily and weekly routines, you can find them here: Creating a daily routine and Creating a weekly routine. 

Once you’re ready, head over the the final post for this month, where you can find the Annual Cleaning Schedule. This will also become our Masterplan for the rest of the Organised Life Project, so be sure to get it!

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How to create a monthly routine


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