My Essential Cleaning Kit

On The Organised Life Project, we’re working on our routines. I know for lots of us, that means developing a manageable cleaning routine so that you’re not spending your Saturdays cleaning and never getting any time to yourself or compromising family time. To kick this off, I’ve put together an essential cleaning kit list to help you get those tasks done in the fastest time with the best results.

My essential cleaning kit


Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner Spray

My essential cleaning kit

You know those adverts which claim you just spray the cleaner on, wait and then wipe off? Well, I’ve tried those cleaners, and they don’t really work. You do have to do a fair amount of scrubbing. So I was a bit skeptical about how good this bathroom cleaner spray would be when I first tried it. However, I was really, really impressed by Scrub Free. It deals with soap scum, general grime and even the stains left by brightly coloured bath toys. It’s really easy to use: you spray it on, wait and then wipe it off with a wet cloth or sponge.

Domestos Pink Bleach

You really do need bleach when cleaning toilets, and this Pink one kind of clings best. I also like it because it doesn’t smell too ‘cling-y.’

Microfibre cloths and J cloths

Microfibre cloths - My essential cleaning kit

Before I was sent some microfibre cloths by Lakeland, I’d never used microfibre cloths in the bathroom – I’d always used J-cloths. I still do use J-cloths for the toilet and using with the chemical cleaners. But recently I’ve been using microfibre cloths slightly damp in the bathroom to give things an extra polish at the end of the cleaning. They work brilliantly on the shiny surfaces.



Bio-mex - part of my essential cleaning kit

In the kitchen, I’ve been trying to switch to more environmentally-friendly products. One of the products that I have been really impressed by is Bio-Mex.

This is like no other cleaning product: it’s basically a chalky clay which works with a wet sponge. You use it to clean your sink and hob really effectively, but it will work on any surface. It’s non-abrasive, so it’s really gentle, and it’s a completely natural product. It is a little more of a faff than a ‘spray and wipe’ product, but I think it probably keeps things cleaner for longer.

Oven Mate

oven mate - part of my essential cleaning kit

I really hate cleaning my oven. We use it a lot, so it does need doing fairly frequently, but I let it build up… It needs to go on my monthly routines!

I cleaned the oven last Saturday night (wow, our Saturday nights are rock and roll) and got Tim to take some photos, mostly of me with two-tone Smurf arms. Actually, those are the gloves and arm protectors.

Cleaning the oven

Anyway, the Oven Mate is really easy to use and doesn’t have that horrible chemical burning smell (although I did have all the windows open). You literally paint it on to the oven surfaces with the paintbrush which is included. Then you wait – I waited just under 2 hours – and wipe it off with paper towels. Then you rinse it all with water and a sponge.

The results were incredible.

Clean oven

Clean oven

The only thing I would say about this is that it’s a bit tricky to clean the oven racks. Ours did come up fairly well, but the scrubbing did make the kitchen a bit of a mess. The Oven Mate can be used 3 times so it’s now part of my essential cleaning kit.

The rest of the house

Microfibre glove

I use microfibre cloths for my dusting. We really avoid things like polishes as they can affect my asthma. So this set of 5 Microfibre Cleaning Cloths is perfect. We’ve also been using this Microfibre Dusting Glove which is really good for getting into the awkward, hard to reach areas. It was also surprisingly good at getting into the nooks and crannies in the car!

And finally, an essential cleaning kit caddy

My essential cleaning kit caddy

I found this plastic caddy in Aldi (yes, I’m still loving Aldi) last week. It does take up a fair chunk of space in the cupboard under the sink but it’s actually really useful to have everything all together.

So, that’s my essential cleaning kit for cleaning the whole house. I also have a hoover and a mop, but I’m on the lookout to replace these as I think I could find better products.

What would be in your essential cleaning kit?


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  • That oven cleaner from Lakeland is amazing! We used all the time when we lived in England. Now we live in Jersey we can’t get hold of it as it isn’t allowed to be delivered to Jersey for some reason. Must be the chemicals.

  • this is cool. We need to clean our oven. I am pinning this post to my Home – organised board!