An annual cleaning schedule

Today, I’m giving you an annual cleaning schedule. It has tasks to do every month. It’s really easy to follow and will definitely complement your daily, weekly and monthly routines. If you want to download printable versions of these routines, they are all available in the Resource Library.

The other thing I want you to do this week is to review the routines you’ve already put in place. This is really important. They are your routines, so they’ve got to work for you. This also helps to keep them fresh so you’re more likely to stick to them. 

Review your Routines

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are the routines making a difference in my home?

What is good about the routines?

What is not working in the routines?

What has surprised me about the routines?

Then, make changes! These are your routines and your homes. You need a routine that works for you.

Annual Routine for cleaning and home maintenance

The annual cleaning schedule

This is a really simple schedule: it has one seasonal task a month to do, which will keep your house running smoothly. Lots of them are tasks that you will probably do every now and again. In my house, they are often jobs that I end up having to do when there’s a problem: when the dishwasher gets blocked, for example.

However, by putting them on a list, these are the things that we can now remember to do in advance. You’ll know that you need to get your gutters cleared in November, once the leaves have fallen but before the heavy winter rain. That means you don’t have to remember when you last got it done, because you know you’ll get it done.

It’s one job a month. Some of them aren’t particularly pleasant jobs – you probably won’t fight over who gets to deep clean the washing machine – but they are jobs that will help your household to run more smoothly.

Not just an annual cleaning schedule

This schedule is actually going to be really important as we look at different aspects of our lives. This is the one that you’re going to want to add to as we go through the year. This is going to become your “Master Document” so that you can organise every aspect of your life.

If that sounds too controlling and ordered, don’t worry! You are in charge of this schedule.

It’s the one document which I don’t think you should laminate. You can download it as a PDF from the Resources Library. You do need a password which you can get from signing up on that page. 

This is not a calendar. It’s not a diary. If you want to add it in to your calendar/diary/bullet journal, then do so. But this is a master list. By the end of this project, you will have a master list of tasks to do annually that works for you.

But you are in charge of it. I’ll make suggestions for each area we are focusing on, and some tasks will have to be done every 6 months or so. But this is the secret to organisation: You have to do things regularly and systematically.

Annual Cleaning Schedule

The next steps for The Organised Life Project

We’re working through each aspect of our lives, step by step. In January, we decluttered our homes. In February, we’ve created daily, weekly and monthly routines that work for us. This annual list will be so useful throughout the rest of the project.

Next month, we’re focusing a bit more on ourselves. We’ll be working on getting a regular prayer and relaxation time. It’s a chance to really focus on you and your priorities. You can find the first post in Spiritual Self Assessment.

It’ll also give you a chance to reflect on your routines and get them really established in your homes. We’ll be chatting away in our Facebook group and sharing our ideas, so do come and join us.

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