Long-distance friendships: 15 ways to stay in touch

I imagine we all have friends who we would consider to be ‘long distance.’ Perhaps the distance is in terms of countries rather than towns, but these are friends you might not see that often. This week, we’re going to focus on the best ways of managing long-distance friendships.

Long-distance friends are often the very best of your friends: the ones who you can feel completely at ease with, no matter how long it was since you last saw them. They are the ones whose personalities you know so well, even if you can’t quite remember their job role. Perhaps you met through school, college or university. Perhaps you once lived in each others’ pockets. It doesn’t matter – except that now, there’s distance between you.

In some ways, social media is amazing for long-distance friendships. You can see each others’ photos, status updates and posts. It’s easier to stay in touch.

In other ways, social media has made it harder. We don’t make the long phone calls in the same way. Letters and postcards have almost become a thing of the past. It all seems so much more impersonal now.

So this week, I’m giving you 15 ways to stay in touch with long-distance friendships. See how many you can cover over the next few days.

  1. Send a postcard.
  2. Send a letter.
  3. Set up a group WhatsApp and start sending photos.
  4. Make plans to visit.
  5. Skype or videocall.
  6. Phone them.
  7. Text them.
  8. Send them a gift card for a coffee shop and tell them to have a coffee on you.
  9. Find a photo of you together and share it on social media.
  10. Send a little gift.
  11. Watch a film on the same night or read the same book – long distance book club anyone?
  12. Find a venue half way between you and start planning a chance to meet up.
  13. Make a list of all your long-distance friends. Make a note of when you last spoke to them or met up with them.
  14. Go through your old wedding or graduation photos. Send a text to anyone who you haven’t seen for a long time.
  15. Write down talking points before a call – so you don’t forget the little stories you want to share or the things you want to ask her.

I’m going to be doing a few of these this week, so if you know me in real life and haven’t hear from me for a while, you might be hearing from me this week! I’ve added in a few photos of me with some really special long-distance friends as well so you can all have a giggle at my changing looks over the years!

Long distance friendships

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