10 frugal date night ideas for January

It’s January. It’s cold, the days are dark and gloomy, and we’re probably all a bit skint. Yet we want to spend time investing in our marriages and relationships, and after the busy craziness of Christmas, we’ve finally got a bit of time. So I’ve put together a list of fun and frugal date night ideas for January.

Out and About Frugal Date Night Ideas for January

Fun, cheap and ideally on special offer is what you’re looking for. Keep checking local offers on Facebook, the local papers and voucher sites so you can grab a bargain.

Visit an Arcade

Visiting an arcade can be so much fun. Get a pound’s worth of 2p coins and go crazy on those slot machines.

£5 Challenge

Each person gets £5. Head to your local pound store and see who can get the best bargains! You could easily theme this: spa night, food, party games etc.

Watch an unusual or amateur sport

Watching a big football match can be extremely pricey. But if you can get tickets for a slightly lower-key sport (ice hockey, swimming, basketball etc), they can be really reasonably priced. An amateur sport might even be free.

Visit a museum or art gallery

One of the best things (in my opinion) about the UK is that our museums and art galleries are mostly free. Going as an adult can be a really lovely activity, and can really spark a good discussion. The cafes are usually pretty good too. Some museums and galleries have late night opening, so do check out the possibilities around you.

Watch a show or comedy at a discount

Keep an eye on the local papers for tickets comedy nights, as well as amateur performances. Comedy nights in particular can be real bargains, especially if you pair up with another couple.

Visit a library

How well do you know your partner? Could you pick a book you know he will love? Local libraries are completely free, and it’s free to borrow books. Go together and spend a while really browsing the shelves before you pick a book out for your partner. Then head to a cafe and spend the afternoon reading.
(I have to say, this is my idea of a perfect date. I love reading, and if you do too, you might like to find out about Bookish Mamas, my new book group.)

Stay at Home Frugal Date Night Ideas for January

Games Night

Isn’t it funny how Christmas can be the time of the year when you always play board games? You rediscover how good they are. Keep that going by finding a board game you really enjoy. You might also like to swap board games with other families, or it could become an expensive date night. I read once that a long-married couple advised having an outdoor game (like tennis) and an indoor game (Scrabble) that you play as a couple as one of the keys to a great marriage.

Make hot chocolate and look at the stars

If it’s a cold, clear night, you can see LOADS of stars in the winter sky – and you don’t have to go out at 2am. Make a hot drink, wrap up really warm and head outside to check out the stars one night.

Themed film night

OK, so in the age of Netflix, we’ve got a whole load of films at our fingertips. Pick a film, but then dress up and cook dinner according to the film choice. So for a James Bond film, you can really dress up and drink Martinis. For a War Time drama, you might put your hair up, drink tea and eat jam sandwiches. The choice is yours.

Ready Steady Cook challenge

Do you remember Ready Steady Cook? The guests would bring 5 ingredients, and the chefs would have to create a meal from those 5 ingredients. Challenge the cook in the house with 5 ingredients from the kitchen – or 5 that you buy specially.

Do a tasting session

Wine, chocolate, cheese… The choice is yours. Find out about the products you choose, and give yourself an education!

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean you have to neglect your date nights. By using some of these frugal date night ideas for January, you might end up having a great time.

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