12 at home date night ideas – a great Valentine’s gift

I am a huge fan of the “At-home date night.” Yes, we love going out together, but the reality is that we can only get a babysitter once a month or so. So an “At-home date night” is ideal for us: we can put the kids to bed and enjoy a really nice meal together.

But the ‘Dine in for £10’ meals can get a little boring. A friend of mine had the idea of theming her date nights, and actually gave her husband 12 themed date nights throughout the year. If you’re stuck for a Valentine’s gift, these 12 at home date night ideas might be exactly the gift you’re looking for.

Grab my free printable from the Resource Library (you’ll need the password which you get once you sign up to the mailing list), print off 12 copies, fill out your chosen details and put them in envelopes – Valentine’s gift, sorted!

12 At-home date night ideas

Romantic French Meal

Menu: Three courses, and French! Souffles, oysters, boeuf bourginon, coq au vin, creme caramel, creme brulee, macarons… Don’t forget the cheeseboard too.

To drink: Wine, certainly. Champagne, preferably!

Dress code: Formal and elegant. Berets preferred.

Film: Amelie, Chocolat and several more on Netflix.

Italian-themed Night

Menu: Pasta, pizza, garlic bread and tiramisu

To drink: Italian wine and Prosecco

Dress code: Glamorous

Film: Roman Holiday, The Talented Mr Ripley, Life is Beautiful

Activity: Try to make pizzas by hand, spinning and stretching the dough.

Indian Night

Menu: Curry, of course!

To drink: Mango lassi and Beer

Dress code: The more colourful, the better

Film: Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi

Activity: Give yourselves henna tattoos

Chinese Night

Menu: Lemon chicken, black bean sauce, dumplings, fried rice.

To drink: Tea

Dress code: Chinese if you can! Elegant and stylish.

Film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Activity: Find out about which Chinese year you were born in.

Morroccan Night

Menu: Tagine, cous cous, peaches with mint and orange blossom

To drink: Mint tea

Dress code: Relaxed

Film: Babel, Hideous Kinky

Activity: At home spa – get your mud face packs on and turn your bathroom into a steam room!

USA Night

Menu: Burgers, chicken wings and fries

To drink: Californian wine or beer

Dress code: Jeans

Film: Take your pick! Although I’d go for Designated Survivor on Netflix

Activity: Try to name all the states.

Stargazing and Campfires

Menu: S’mores

To drink: Anything warm

Dress code: Casual, lots of layers and blankets

Film: No need

Activity: Build a campfire and sit out, watching the stars.

1970s Date

Menu: Prawn cocktail, Roast chicken and Black forest gateau

To drink: Cocktails

Dress code: Vintage 1970s

Film: Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever

Activity: 1970s Disco Karaoke

Superhero Date Night

Menu: Anything you can pick at

To drink: Whatever you choose

Dress code: Fancy dress

Film: Any superhero film

Activity: Make up your own superhero identity

Magic Making Date Night

Menu: Soup and Pumpkin Pie

To drink: Butterbeer

Dress code: Robes

Film: Harry Potter… Well, any magical fantasy film you like

Activity: Make up your own spells

Memories Night

Menu: A memorable dish from your past

To drink: A memorable drink from your past

Dress code: Your favourite outfit

Film: Your favourite film – or one you watched on a first date

Activity: Look through old photos and reminisce about how you got together

Futures Night

Menu: Something you’ve never eaten before – Japanese, Turkish, Korean… Take your pick!

To drink: Something you’ve never drunk before

Dress code: Something new

Film: Avatar, Blade Runner, Minority Report

Activity: Plan your bucket list for the next year


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