Review: Culti Scented Candles from Rooi Luxury Living

I was asked to review Culti Scented Candles from Rooi Luxury Living. I was gifted the product in exchange for an honest review. 

Scented candles are one of those guilt-free luxuries, aren’t they? No calories, no danger of doing something you might regret… Plus they make your home smell good and they add a touch of something special after a busy day. I think for many of us, lighting a scented candle after the children have gone to bed can be a bit of a cue to unwind and mark a change of pace for the day.

I really like to vary the scents I have with the seasons. I’m not quite ready for the very sweet, almost Christmassy smells of Autumn, although I do love a festive candle. I have some citrussy favourites for Spring time, and generally when I feel like I need a bit of sweetness around. But for Summer, I was a bit at a loss.

Culti Scented Candles from Rooi

So when Rooi Luxury Living got in touch asking if I’d like to review one of their Culti candles, I made my choice based on the description online: with Sea Chord, Sap and Mineral Musk, Mareminerale was described as being the “revitalising aroma of the sea.” That’s a big promise for a candle!

Culti Scented Candle from Rooi

When the candle arrived – beautifully packaged – I found the initial fragrance almost overpowering. It was very musky, and scented the whole kitchen without even being burned. But after a few hours, the overpowering sense lifted, so it must have been due to the packaging somehow.

I found the packaging, and the scent, quite masculine to be honest. It’s very dark, which doesn’t entirely fit my decor. I’d have probably preferred a white glass jar, but we don’t buy candles because of their appearance entirely! I have to say, the dark glass does look beautiful when it is lit, and it glows in a very satisfying way indeed.

I’ve been burning this candle in the kitchen, and I’ve grown to really like it. The scent is very fresh, not sweet in any way and smells somehow clean. It really does live up to it’s description – the scent is somehow revitalising and refreshing. I’ve been burning it after dinner to get rid of any cooking smells, and it’s absolutely lovely.

Culti Scented Candles from Rooi

Quite often, I’ll avoid burning sweeter candles because Tim doesn’t like the scent so much. They can get quite sickly after a short time. But this candle didn’t create that sickly-sweet atmophere in the room – and Tim was more than happy to leave it burning all evening.

The price tag is hefty at £40.95, and it’s probably more than I would usually pay for a candle for myself, but it would also make a lovely gift. It burns slowly – approximately 70 hours, and after around 10 hours burning, it’s still looking hardly touched. So I do think it’s pretty good value for money.

I’ll definitely be heading towards the fresher scents for those really cleansing aromas in future.

Rooi do have a really big range of scents, so whatever your taste, it’s worth a look at Culti by Rooi

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