Bathroom Storage

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We recently had our family bathroom done, and it made me think about how best to store things in our family bathroom. Like most families, we use a variety of different shampoos, shower gels and products. We also keep our medicine cupboard in the bathroom. Then there’s the towels, flannels and bath puffs – not to mention the toilet rolls! So what are the best solutions for bathroom storage?

Shampoos, shower gels and soap

If you can get your family to reduce the numbers of different products they use, a shower gel dispenser would work really well. They look fantastic, keep the mess down and streamline everything.

If not, a box will keep everything together tidily. Whether you have them in a shelved box or open, consider the material that the box is made of: you really need plastic of some kind in the bathroom.

 I’ve found that people are very divided over whether to have bottles out for easy access or whether they put them away in a cupboard. I prefer to have things away out of reach and out of sight, but I do understand that it’s less convenient. If you prefer, you could have a specific caddy or rack for storing your products.


If you have the space, it’s great to be able to store towels in the bathroom. We actually have an airing cupboard in our bathroom, so our towels are stored in there. But if you do want to store your towels in the bathroom, I’d strongly suggest having a cupboard with doors.

Open shelving seems to be really popular in bathrooms, but I’ve found that it gets really dusty very quickly. Plus, it’s easier for towels to get splashed with things – and it looks tidier! I’d always suggest getting a cupboard over open shelves.

One option is to get a cupboard that fits underneath your sink, or a cupboard that fits into a corner. You can also make the most of your space by having a mirrored cabinet instead of a flat mirror.

Toilet Rolls

If you need somewhere specific to store it, you can find it!


Bath Toys


Whether you have a straight bath, a p-shaped bath or even a walk-in bath, I’m sure you’ll find some storage to fit your needs.

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