Seven New Year’s Resolutions for a Tidy Home

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions for a tidy home? Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter? Does it make you feel anxious and unsettled when you’re surrounded by mess? I know exactly how you feel. I am calmest and happiest when my home is tidy.

Right now, three days post-Christmas, my home feels untidy. There are gifts which haven’t found a home yet, and we have extra things out and around. Yet I know it’s only temporary and that things will get tidy again when I put my mind to it – I’m still in the holiday haze!

If you’re feeling the same, here are seven New Year’s Resolutions to help you to keep your home tidy throughout the whole of next year.

Seven New Year’s Resolutions for a Tidy Home

Declutter the whole house

We have so much stuff. So many possessions that we are surely overwhelmed by them. We cling on to these possessions, measuring our worth by them – yet, truthfully, those possessions cause us stress. They overwhelm us. They get out of line and look messy. Sometimes, they escape from where we have tried to contain them. Before we know it, our homes look untidy.

Throughout January, I’ll be running my Declutter Your Home in One Month challenge. If you’ve not got a huge amount of possessions, you might prefer my 7 day decluttering challenge. But for 2018, I’ve got another challenge for you. Over on Instagram, I’ll be giving you a daily decluttering challenge. Your home will be transformed.

When we have fewer possessions, we can keep those that we need in order. It’s as simple as that.

Tidy up every night

Some people can use one thing, and then put it away. Those people are usually adults who live alone! The rest of us have children or partners, and sometimes life just gets in the way, so things don’t get put away straight after using them.

As part of your Evening Routine, build in a nightly tidy-up. This won’t take very long at all, even if the room looks very messy, and you’ll definitely feel calmer and happier once it’s done. You’ll probably find it really relaxing, and it’ll help you to unwind and sleep better.

Give everything a home

One of my organising mantra – and particularly apt at this time of year – is that everything you own needs to have a place to live. It needs to have somewhere it is kept. If it doesn’t have a place of its own, you need to find one, or get rid of it.

Find the right storage

Sometimes, you can find a place for something, or be sure you want to keep it, but your storage isn’t quite right. Our storage needs do change, especially as our families change and our children get older. So it’s worth putting in the time and effort to find the right storage. It’s also worth finding the right containers to go into this storage, so that keeping things tidy becomes easier. You don’t want things slipping out of order or falling over as soon as you shut the drawer. So a few plastic or cardboard boxes are useful.

Keep your surfaces clear

A brilliant resolution, and one that I will be following myself, is to keep all your surfaces clear. Kitchen, bedroom, living room… This is one thing that really does make a difference to your tidiness. Once you’ve decluttered, work hard on keeping each surface clear and making sure clutter doesn’t pile up. This is particularly tricky if you have lots of papers coming into the house or children who leave small toys everywhere, but if you stay on top of it, it can be managed.

Don’t buy anything you don’t really need

This is a great resolution in terms of tidiness, but also in terms of finances. We waste so much money on buying nonsense, often because it looks nice in the shop. We get it home only to discover it doesn’t look quite right. Then we have the guilt, and eventually we stop seeing the new possession.

This year, make a resolution to only buy things you plan to buy. Stop impulse buying. Only buy something if you know exactly where it will go in your house, and what you will do with it. Your home, your stress levels and your bank balance will thank you.

Teach your children to tidy up

I think this is something that a lot of parents struggle with, but teaching children to tidy up and to look after their belongings is a really important skill. Children help to tidy up as young as 2 in nursery or childcare settings, although they will need supervision and guidance.

Start making it a family routine to tidy up at key points in the day – before you go out, or before dinner time and before bedtime. If everything has a home, children will soon learn where things go.

If you want to be tidier in the next year, please do sign up to join The Organised Life Project. We have a great support network and you’ll be really encouraged.

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