I need… An Organised Home

When our homes are in chaos, it’s so much harder to do ANYTHING. We lose things, we get delayed, we get frustrated. I truly believe that when we get the clutter under control and develop routines for looking after our homes, life gets easier. You don’t lose things. You feel happier and more peaceful. Then, you’ll find you’ll have more time – and you’ll enjoy it more.

Having a tidy and clean home sounds boring, but I hear so many women saying that their clutter causes them stress. They don’t want to have guests over because they are embarrassed by the mess. Their children get frustrated by not being able to find things. They don’t have any time to relax or to pursue their own interests because they are overwhelmed.

I honestly know it doesn’t have to be like this. In the Organised Life Project, we start off with our homes, because unless our homes are under control, we can’t hope to organise anything else. So if your need to get your home organised, you need to follow these steps.

Step One: Declutter

Get your home in order, one room at a time. Get rid of all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ and find a home for everything else.

Step Two: Establish Routines

Work out routines for your cleaning, home maintenance, family time… A good routine takes away so much stress.

Step Three: Sort out your Finances

Set a budget, pay off your debts and save towards your goals.

Step Four: Transform Your Garden

With my month-long garden guide, you’ll be able to keep on top of your garden and enjoy it more!

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