How to organise your digital photos

We take so many photographs now! It’s so easy to document the everyday moments, to send a quick photo to family and to make little videos of your children doing things for the first time. But these photos can mount up on your phone really quickly, and how often do we actually look at them?

This week, we’re going to start organising our photos. Personally, I’d like to create a photobook for each year, so that we have a physical book to look through. I remember how much I used to enjoy looking through family photograph albums and I want my children to experience that too.

Task 1: Put all your photos into one location

This probably means putting all your photos from your SD Card and your phone onto your computer.

If you’re using a Mac, I do recommend using the Photos Application.

If you’re on a PC, you may have to complete an additional organizing step, creating folders for your photos. I recommend creating folders in date order. You need to use the format YEAR – MONTH NUMBER – MONTH NAME so that they stay in order. So, July 2017 would be 2017 – 7 – July and August 2017 would be 2017 – 8 – August. This way, they stay in order in the folder.

Task 2: Delete unwanted photos

This is probably a big task. The thing with digital photos is that we can take 25 photos to get the perfect one. The problem is, we never delete the 24 we don’t need!

For today, delete your unwanted photos from the last month. If you have time over the next few weeks, delete some more. This is actually a great job to do over Christmas.

Don’t forget to empty your trash!

Task 3: Start an annual photo book

Now that you have all your photos grouped together by date, and you have the ones you really want to keep, it’s fairly easy to make a photobook or even print off the photos for a physical album.

You can either take some time to sort out the current year (it makes a brilliant Christmas gift), or you could set up your photobook ready for next year. If you Google ‘Year in Review Photobook,’ you’ll find loads of templates which are really easy to use.

Task 4: Make it a habit

The only way to stay on top of organizing your photos is to keep at it regularly. Don’t try to work back, but start from this point forward. Every month, on a certain date (perhaps your birthday date – mine is 10th August, so I do this every month on the 10th), I edit the photos I’ve taken in the last month and upload them to my photo book. I have to set a reminder in my phone to remind me to do it, but then it is done.

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How to organise digital photos

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