How to create Family Traditions

Family traditions create a sense of identity, family cohesiveness, comfort, security, reinforce family values, and, of course, create memories. But traditions don’t happen without some planning and organisation.

This is the time to start planning the traditions you want to create with your family.



Family Traditions

I think it’s lovely to take photos in a certain place, or to take a family photograph together once a month. Link these into your photograph yearbook, and you’ve got a winner!

Some other ideas for family traditions:

  • A birthday letter to each child
  • The birthday child gives a gift to his/her siblings
  • Family time capsule
  • Gratitude jar/journal
  • First day of school photos
  • A height measure on one wall
  • Weekend breakfast
  • Kitchen dance party
  • Monthly/annual service project
  • Game/movie night
  • Responsibilities and privileges letter at each birthday

These are just things to help you to create memories with your families. They are not meant to be extra work – they’re meant to be fun!

Seasonal Family Traditions

You might also like to create a list of ‘seasonal’ memories.

January: Record everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions

February: Valentines cards/gifts

March: Plant seeds and watch them grow

April: Set up an Easter Egg hunt

May: Go on a family bike ride

June: Camp in the garden

July: Swim outdoors

August: Make a campfire

September: Learn a new skill

October: Pick a pumpkin and carve it

November: Explore a castle or stately home

December: As well as your Christmas traditions, revisit your New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t forget to explore Pinterest and Instagram for lots more inspiration, and take all the photos you can. These memories are to be absolutely treasured.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this month on creating family memories. As well as organising your digital photos, we’ve made plans to create family memories and spend one to one time with our children.

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