A Spring Bucket List for Families

It’s finally – FINALLY – starting to feel a bit like Spring. We even had a bit of sunshine today, and the snow has just about melted in the shaded parts of the garden. We spotted some newborn lambs on the way home from school on Friday and Easter isn’t too far away.

With that all in mind, I’ve created a Spring Bucket List for Families. These are all ideas of things you can do this Spring – how many can you tick off?

mother and daughters walking together in the park

Spring Bucket List for Families

  1. Plant seeds and watch them sprout
  2. Feed a baby lamb
  3. Spot some chicks or ducklings
  4. Gather some blossom in your home
  5. Decorate Easter Eggs
  6. Have an Easter Egg hunt
  7. Make an Easter Garden
  8. Go on a bike ride
  9. Visit a nature reserve
  10. Eat boiled eggs with asparagus instead of soldiers
  11. Make Hot Cross Buns
  12. Make a bird feeder
  13. Put up a nesting box
  14. Try a new sport
  15. Spring Clean your home 
  16. Watch the Boat Race and cheer on your favourite team
  17. Watch The Grand National and cheer on your favourite horse
  18. Find a new playground and try it out
  19. Cook a new recipe together
  20. Spot a tree that is just about to bud. Photograph it every day for a week and see how it changes.
  21. Read a book by a new author.
  22. Try making Blueberry Iced Tea
  23. Get up to watch the sun rise
  24. Try to find some tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs
  25. Make butterfly cakes

How many can you do?

Remember to take photos of all your activities and put them into an album in your family yearbook. You could even create a video.

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