100 photos to capture this Summer

We’ve had a few wonderfully busy weeks. Ben went to his first music festival and his first football match. We had a great weekend in Anglesey with Tim’s family, and spent last weekend celebrating our twin god-children’s first birthday.

You know how many photos I took?

Less than 20. In total.

That is absolutely ridiculous – not just because I’m a blogger, so I should be looking to take photos all the time, but because these are amazing memories. It was just Ben and I at The Big Church Day Out North, and he’d never seen such a huge stage as the main stage. We were amazed by the Sons of Pitches, an a capella choir who I’ve wanted to see for ages. As well as the music, there were so many activities for kids – including football, laser tag, a funfair, kids shows, craft, face painting, puppets and mountain bike riding, climbing and zorbing for the older kids.

I have 8 photos – and three of them are of Ben’s face paint, because he insisted I took them.

Don’t get me wrong; we had an amazing time. I just wish I had more photos to share with Tim and our family, who weren’t there. I want Ben to look through the photos and remember the great time he had. And I want to remember it! I want to share our photos on Instagram and share it with my followers there.

So this Summer, I’m going to make it my mission to take more photos. Last Summer, I took part in a Makelight Family Storytelling course, which was lovely. Emily encouraged us to print our photos, which I hardly ever do, and to create a physical photo wall. The blu tack destroyed the paint in our dining area, but the photos were brilliant. The kids loved looking at their photos, especially the ones of themselves with their grandparents, and it really helped us to remember our Summer.

This year, I’m going to use some of the things I learned last year, and aim to post one photograph per day on Instagram. And because I love a list, and I need a measure of accountability, I’m going to plan some of the photos I’m going to take!

100 Photos to Capture this Summer

25 Photos of your Children

  1. Last Day of School
  2. Writing their Summer Holiday Bucket List
  3. Paddling in the Sea
  4. Building a Sandcastle
  5. Eating ice cream
  6. Wearing a Sun Hat
  7. Wearing stripes
  8. Wearing a rain coat (this is Britain, after all)
  9. Playing at home
  10. Building a fort or den
  11. Watering plants
  12. With grandparents
  13. On a walk
  14. Riding a bike
  15. Playing a game
  16. Playing football
  17. Running
  18. Drawing chalk pictures outside
  19. In the paddling pool
  20. In the bath
  21. Under a tree – or climbing the tree
  22. Playing pooh-sticks
  23. Feeding the ducks
  24. Picking fruit
  25. With cousins/neighbours/best friends

25 photos to take of yourself (or get someone to take them for you)

  1. On your own
  2. With a friend
  3. With an icy drink
  4. Laughing
  5. With your children
  6. Pedicured toes
  7. Wearing a dress
  8. On a swing at the park
  9. Carrying flowers
  10. With your husband or partner
  11. In a cafe
  12. Doing something you enjoy
  13. Wearing a hat
  14. Looking glamorous
  15. Looking relaxed
  16. With your whole family
  17. Walking
  18. Writing something
  19. Your shoes
  20. Your hands
  21. Your hair
  22. On a day trip
  23. In front of a pretty wall
  24. Wearing sunglasses
  25. On the beach

25 places to take photographs this Summer

  1. At a campfire
  2. At the park
  3. By a river
  4. In a forest
  5. In the garden
  6. Watching fireworks
  7. At the beach
  8. In front of beach huts
  9. Outside your home
  10. At a stately home
  11. Watching live music
  12. With animals at a farm
  13. In a cave
  14. On a trampoline
  15. At a party
  16. Having a barbecue
  17. Sitting on a bench
  18. At a castle
  19. At a nature reserve
  20. By a lake
  21. On a mountain (or just a hill)
  22. At an outdoor swimming pool
  23. Through sprinklers
  24. Through bubbles
  25. At sunset

25 flatlay/object photo ideas for Summer

  1. Peonies
  2. Beach bag – sunglasses, suncream and book
  3. Beach outfit of the day
  4. What you’re reading
  5. Sunflowers
  6. Footprints in the sand
  7. Chalk pictures
  8. Flowers
  9. Petals
  10. S’mores
  11. Shells
  12. Summer berries
  13. The sky through the trees
  14. Waves on the beach
  15. A campfire
  16. Milkshakes
  17. Roses
  18. Sparklers and Fireworks
  19. Ice cream
  20. Summer fruit
  21. Summer outfit of the day
  22. Summer makeup
  23. Cupcakes
  24. Barbecue food and salads
  25. House plants

So now I’ve posted this list, I’m definitely going to have to make sure I commit to it! To be honest, I am definitely not a great photographer, but I know I’d rather have lots of photos than none at all. Please come and join me over on Instagram if you’d like to see how I capture these memories this Summer.

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