The Meal Planning Linky – Week 8 – 23rd Feb

Welcome to Week 8 of The Meal Planning Linky. This is a linky hosted by Naomi at The Organised Life Project and Katy at KatykickerAnyone is welcome to join – just check out the rules below.

I know we all need a bit of inspiration and motivation when it comes to meal planning. That’s why we’ve launched The Meal Planning Linky. We’ll share our posts about meal planning, and you can link yours up too. Seeing others’ meal plans – and sharing our own – not only keeps us accountable but also will inspire us.

Our Meal Plans for the Week Ahead

Saturday: We’re going out for Tim’s birthday, so it’s a pub lunch.

Sunday: Fish pie – I have all the ingredients in the freeze as I meant to make it earlier in the month and never did.

Monday: Chicken stir fry with noodles

Tuesday: Meatballs and pasta

Wednesday: Fish, chips and peas

Thursday: Frittata with sweet potatoes and any leftover veg from the fridge

Friday: Date night! We’re hoping to go to a new restaurant near us – I must book this weekend.

I’ve been on The Daniel Plan for a week now, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve lost 7lb, which I know is mostly water weight, but the biggest difference is to my skin. I’ve always suffered with very dry skin, and I get eczema on my hands. This has really cleared up, and my skin feels comfortable for the first time in my life.

The daily Bible readings, and the faith focus, are really helpful for me as a Christian. It seems to me that worrying about your appearance isn’t in line with God’s plan for our lives BUT he does want us to be healthier, and for our bodies to be the best they can be. So this perspective is really helpful for me.

With most of the meals above, I can easily make substitutions – courgette spaghetti instead of pasta, for example, and potatoes are allowed. It’s cutting out the processed food, dairy, wheat and sugar that have been the big changes for me.



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  • Your meals sound delicious this week, comforting yet wholesome in this cold weather and easily adapted for The Daniel Plan. My lot would love the meatballs and pasta and fish and chips, they’ll have to wait for another week though as we’re having a vegetarian week this week.

  • Really pleased to hear you’ve seen an improvement in your skin and eczema! The Daniel Plan actually sounds like a healthy way to go – cutting out processed can only be a good thing! Good luck with it, and well done on your loss x

    • The difference was so fast it was amazing. It’s proving really hard to stick to all the time though!