The Meal Planning Linky Week 2

Welcome to our new meal planning linky! This is a linky hosted by Naomi at The Organised Life Project and Katy at Katykicker.

We are both absolutely passionate about meal planning.

For me, knowing what to make for dinner each night can be quite stressful: I have two small children and work part time. By the time I get home after doing the school and nursery pick ups, I’m tired, the kids are tired, and cooking is the last thing I want to do, let alone stressing about what to cook.

Meal planning is one of my key tools in The Organised Life Project. I know that meal planning is the only way to make sure you’re making healthy, economical choices. It’s the only way to make sure you have variety in your meals. We use up our leftovers, and plan carefully to make sure we’re not left with half a packet of feta cheese that hangs around for ages in the fridge.

For me, meal planning is win-win: it takes away the stress, it saves us money and it means we don’t throw things away. I’ve learned to plan quick, easy meals for the days I’m working, and to make the most of the days I have longer to cook.

But I know we all need a bit of inspiration and motivation when it comes to meal planning. That’s why we’ve launched The Meal Planning Linky. We’ll share our posts about meal planning, and you can link yours up too. Seeing others’ meal plans – and sharing our own – not only keeps us accountable but also will inspire us.



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Our Meal Plans for this Week

Saturday: My in-laws are not only taking the kids out for the day, but they are also bringing dinner with them!

Sunday: Meal out with the boys’ godparents

Monday: Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Tuesday: Salmon, salsa verde and potato wedges

Wednesday: Silton mac and cheese – we’re still using up the Christmas cheese

Thursday: Sausage potato bake

Friday: Frittata using up bits and pieces from the fridge


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  • I’m loving the idea of just making meals in advance so that when you know you are going to have a rather hectic or stressful day, you don’t have to add cooking to the mix. I would really love to explore more ideas using a slow cooker as I am now the proud owner of one! Thanks for the ideas and for allowing us to share our ideas too.

  • I find that meal planning takes so much of the stress out of what to eat each day. My kids also like to know what is being made ahead of time so we have our meal plan hanging up in the kitchen for everyone to see.

  • We have mac and cheese most Fridays. I can’t believe I didn’t think to use up the cheese we have left over from Christmas in this – it’s still in the freezer.

  • Oh how I wish someone would whisk our children away for the day then return with dinner. That would be heaven! We’ve no family in the UK so that’s a dream for us that won’t come true. I make a frittata to use up vegetables before shopping day, so handy, and thrifty too.