How to make a food inventory

As we start organising our meal planning, let’s make a food inventory to help us clear out what we no longer need and identify what we do need.

Let’s get meal planning

It’s September, and I for one am totally ready to get back into meal planning! I have to say, meal planning is a complete essential for me in my journey to becoming more organised. Knowing exactly what you’re having for dinner each night is a complete weight off your mind, and knowing you have the ingredients for dinner in the kitchen takes away the stress.

This month, we’re going to work towards creating a meal planning routine that works for you and your situation. I’m going to be giving you tasks and resources to help you along the way. I’ll be sharing some of my tips and tricks, so make sure you’ve signed up to receive the Organised Life Project emails so that you receive all the resources.

I know that one meal plan does not fit all. We have different tastes and dietary requirements. We have different amounts of time in which to cook and we have different budgets. I often have to cook one-handed, while entertaining a wriggling toddler. I’ve definitely got some suggestions for you which will help, but the ultimate aim here is for you to adapt the systems I use for your situation.

Make a food inventory

Our first task is to assess what we’ve got in the house already. Perhaps it’s a cupboard full of obscure spices. Or a freezer full of portions of lasagne. Maybe you’ve run out of the basics.

So your task is to make a food inventory. You’re going to list everything you’ve got in your food cupboards and freezer. Use my free printable to help you to categorise everything.

Use your food inventory to start your meal plan

I have made a free printable food inventory you help you to list what you’ve got and to organise your cupboards. Click here to download it for free.

How to make a food inventory

Once you’ve done this – it will probably take a couple of hours, and it’s a good opportunity to defrost the freezer or have a good tidy up – look at what you’ve got, and what you need to use up.

There are some things that I ALWAYS keep in my cupboards. I have certain meals that can just be made from the contents of my store cupboard or my freezer. But over time, I accumulate packets of things or the ends of things that take up space in my cupboard and stop me from seeing what I have.

The freezer can be even worse: I have a deep-freeze in the garage, and I can find unlabelled parcels of meat from months ago!

So identify the things you need to use up. This will form the basis of your meal plan for this week, and will help you to clear out the things you no longer need.

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