Create a Store Cupboard Essentials List

This is the final step in my series on meal planning. So far, we’ve created a Food Inventory, made lists of Meal Ideas and set up our Meal Planning templates. Our final step is to create a shopping system that works smoothly and efficiently.

You probably have some kind of idea of the food you like to keep in the house. The kinds of foods you use every week – or even every day. These are your Store Cupboard Essentials. They might not be kept in your Store Cupboard, but you like to keep them in.

Make a list of your Store Cupboard Essentials

You might like to have a real, physical list. You can have a look at mine: Store Cupboard Essentials

I do like to bake so I have quite a bit of baking ingredients there too. If you’re not a keen baker, you won’t need these.

(Almost) never run out of your Store Cupboard Essentials

These are the things that I find it so frustrating to run out of. If I’m half way through cooking a bolognese sauce and find we have no tinned tomatoes, that’s really annoying!

So I have a list of Store Cupboard essentials, and I also have a space on my hallway whiteboard with the title ‘We Need…’ It has taken a while, but Tim and I are now both in the habit of making a note if we run out of anything. We can easily pick it up next time we do an online shop.

I’ll be honest, this did take a while to get into, and we have had a few frustrations with it, but we’re getting better!

Use your phone camera to help you to shop

Finally, if you’re not doing an online shop (I often do my online shop next to the fridge so I can check what’s in it), use your phone camera. Take a quick snap of your fridge and cupboards so you can see what’s there and what you need. I usually photograph the list on the whiteboard too as it’s quicker than writing it down.

Do you have any meal planning tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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