Bed Linens and Duvet Covers for a Peaceful Bedroom

As you know, I am ALL about creating a peaceful home environment. I love to use calm, light colours to create a peaceful home – white, blues and greys – and lots of natural wood. For me, if my home is calm, I’m half way to being calm.

The one room in my home which HAS to be peaceful is the bedroom. After all, it’s where we are most at rest. Neither Tim nor I are great sleepers – we both suffer from insomnia which gets worse when we’re stressed. I actually find that a calm, tidy bedroom really helps with both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Clear the Clutter

After really thoroughly decluttering our bedroom, which took several goes, I now have very little stored under our bed, and almost nothing on our bedside tables – just a book, a lamp and a glass of water. We still do have our phones next to the bed, which is probably the next thing we should tackle, but for now, we’re happy with this. We don’t have any other electronics in our bedroom – we don’t have a TV in our bedroom and I can’t really imagine us really wanting one.

For a step-by-step guide to really decluttering your bedroom, check out my post on How to declutter a bedroom. 

Choose neutral decor

The next step is the decor. Like many parents, we’ve decorated the children’s rooms long before we’ve thought about ours. But I know that we’ll want to keep it simple: light walls – probably white or a very, very pale grey – and pale wood. We currently have build in wardrobes which are wonderful for storage but look really dated. I’d love to have these replaced with some in very pale wood.

We’ll also have a pale coloured carpet. We have serviceable grey in the hall, stairs and landing, but a bedroom carpet can be a bit more luxurious. We’ll definitely need carpet as our bedroom can get really cold in winter, so again, a pale grey or cream will work really well.

Add interest with your bedding

In our bedroom – like in most bedrooms – the bed takes up the most space. We have a king-sized bed, which is wonderful, but it takes up a lot of the room! So having a really beautiful duvet cover is really key.

Duvet covers are available at Yorkshire Linen’s web store and can be a really great way of adding variety to your bedroom. With neutral walls and furniture, changing your duvet cover with the seasons can keep your bedroom fresh and up to date. I really love the Tropical Copper Duvet Set, and know that it would be both peaceful and stylish.

If you keep your pillowcases and bottom sheet white, you can really change your duvet cover with the seasons. Very neutral tones work well to create a calm and peaceful environment, so try blue and white from Zara Home, plain white from Matalan, or Natural Linen from Zara Home.

If you want a bit more interest, botanical prints are really peaceful and on trend this season. Dunelm probably has the best of these, and I particularly love the Spring Meadow set.

Consider your Duvet

We’ve always had a four seasons duvet – you can clip the Winter and Summer duvets together to create a really heavy duvet – but to be honest, it’s only me who needs the extra warmth in the Winter.

In the Summer, it rarely gets hot enough up here for us to do without a duvet – and we still need a duvet cover of some kind. So we have a light, 4 tog duvet. Once the nights get longer, we have both a heavier duvet (13.5 tog) and an electric blanket, which feels like real luxury! Our bedroom is definitely the coldest room in the house though.

Add your accessories carefully

At the moment, we have very, very few accessories in our home – just a couple of cushions on the bed. I was always very reluctant to have extra cushions on the bed, but we found that these were the perfect size for putting behind your head when you’re reading in bed! I’ve found that a couple of cushions and a blanket at the bottom of the bed can really help a bedroom look finished.

Apart from that, we just have a few photographs. For me, accessories can very easily become clutter, so I’m careful with them. One or two carefully chosen plants or candles is about as far as I go if I want to create a really peaceful bedroom.

Try to create a hotel feel

One of the best things about visiting a hotel is the feeling of calm. The reason? There’s no clutter, and the room decor works beautifully. I want to try to emulate that feeling in my bedroom, so that means neutral decor, and keeping it very tidy.

How do you create a peaceful feel in your bedroom?

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