Beautiful bedding from Debenhams

Disclaimer: This blogpost is part of a Debenhams bedding campaign. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I really thoroughly decluttered our bedroom, it’s become a real retreat. It took me three rounds of decluttering and deep-cleaning (I don’t want to think about the dust under the bed again), but it really did make a difference to the quality of our sleep. I’ve gone from seeing under the bed as a place to store things, to seeing it as a space for air to circulate. My bedside table is no longer piled up with books that I want to read ‘one day.’ Instead, there’s my Kindle, a lamp and that’s about it.

As a couple, it’s easy to foster bad clutter habits in each other. As the clutter on my side of the bed grew, so did the clutter on Tim’s side. The costumes from his Kids club work at church weren’t ever really put away. The books and papers he needed for a certain project were piled up in a box. Eventually, as happens, we grew accustomed to the clutter and ignored it. Rather than putting it away, I’d dust it and hoover around it.

How I decluttered our bedroom

It took me three attempts to declutter our bedroom properly. The first time was back in 2016, when I was really trying to get organised. We’re constantly told, “You can’t organise clutter,” but I wasn’t really sure of my vision then. I kept things, intending to get round to dealing with them, but never did. I had things under the bed that were perfectly useful – like some photo frames – but not quite right. I never used them, and I’m much happier with the photo frames I eventually got and put up.

Then, in February this year with our 28 things to declutter in February, I tackled the surfaces again. This time, I did know my vision. I had sorted out the kitchen, and new how ruthless I had to be in the bedroom. I did the surfaces, but then life got busy. You know how it is. So in March, I took 2 nap times and absolutely blitzed the bedroom. Wardrobes, drawers, and that dreaded space under the bed. It was definitely the dustiest place in my house. All those things that I was keeping for ‘one day’ or ‘just in case’ went. I completely decluttered my wardrobe, but haven’t missed a single item of clothing. The same goes for the stuff under the bed.

I tackled Tim’s stuff too, as it all just needed putting away rather than sorting through. The boxes and bags at the side of his bed were emptied and stored away. He didn’t keep things under the bed in the same way that I did, so that was easier.

Fresher, lighter, cleaner

So our bedroom was feeling much fresher, lighter and cleaner. We had always had plain cream bedding, but perhaps it was time for a change, for the summer. Our bedroom was now looking, perhaps, a little too minimalist.

Then, as I was changing the sheets one day, I realised that we’d had our bedcovers for nearly 9 years – they were a wedding gift. Not only that, but they were wearing incredibly thin – and the fitted sheets actually were developing holes in them! It was definitely time to declutter them!

Paper Doves bedding from Sandersoon

Fortunately, Debenhams got in touch, asking if we’d like to review some of their bedding.

We chose the Paper Doves set in Light Grey from Sanderson. It didn’t take us long to decide – we knew we wanted white and grey, and the birds design is just beautiful. I sent Tim five choices and he replied immediately, agreeing that this was his favourite too. I have a tablecloth and towels in our kitchen which are bird-patterned, and the dove design seemed to fit. The dove, for us, is a symbol of peace and hope, which is a lovely theme for a retreat such as a bedroom.

Our bedroom gets beautiful light – when I do take photographs in natural light, it tends to be in there, and the white and grey pattern works really well. In the cooler months, we’ll add some touches of yellow – a blanket, and perhaps some cushions – but very little else, as it doesn’t need it. We did choose the grey and white polka dot pillows for the base pillows. I think this adds a little touch of luxury.

The bedding itself is 100% cotton, and feels think, as it’s high quality. I washed it before using it for the first time, but it doesn’t have that scratchy feel that you get with cheaper quality fabrics – it’s really comfortable. Both the duvet cover and the pillows have this lovely yellow piping around it. To be honest, I was a bit unsure about that – I quite wanted a blush pink, grey and white colour scheme, and I felt that the yellow limited it. But Tim really likes it, and would definitely prefer yellow over blush pink.


The fabric, as you can see from the photos, looks a bit like linen – there’s a real texture to it. I love this, and think it helps to make the bedding look really up to date. That casually crumpled look is harder to achieve than it looks. The bedding doesn’t feel textured, but looks lovely.

I think there’s something about taking care of your bedroom as an act of self-care, or an act of taking care of your marriage. When you have nice bedding, it makes your bedroom just that bit more of a retreat, of a luxury. Going for a slightly more luxurious brand, like those available at Debenhams, has helped to make bedtime just that little bit more special.


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