I need… To Organise Myself

When I started The Organised Life Project, I did not anticipate the effect it would have on my community and myself. After a few months of dedicating time and attention to my clothes, my health and my wellbeing, I felt so much better about things. I started valuing myself more. I’ve seen the same in others following the project.

One of the main reasons that I’m so keen on routines and keeping order is because it frees up time for you. It gives you time and space to focus on what your needs are. We have to look after ourselves in order to have the energy and the enthusiasm to look after others.

A big part of that for me personally is my Christian faith. I’d class prayer, Bible study and worship as a form of self-care in a way, focusing on the real reason I’m here. That’s why you’ll find lots of resources to help you develop in your faith too.

So, if you need to organise yourself a bit better, have a look at the following categories:

Step 1: Faith

Step 2: Style

Step 3: Health and Fitness

Step 4: Personal Development