How to organise your health, check-ups and appointments

Throughout June, we’ve been focusing on our fitness, and hopefully our cardio, strength and flexibility are all improving. Now it’s time to look how how to organise your health – from appointments to prescriptions.

Personally, I’m pretty familiar with the inside of my GP’s surgery. I’ve got several allergies, asthma, eczema, and I’ve also had two babies. Thanks to repeated ear infections, both my boys are pretty familiar with the doctor’s waiting room too. Thankfully, none of us have ever suffered from a serious illness or disease, but I’ve picked up a few tips which I’ll share with you.

1: Regular Check Ups with a professional

Make a note of the last time you had check ups or appointments for the following, for you: Dental check up, smear test, sight test, hearing test, and any others that you have regularly. Book in for any you are due.

2. Vaccinations and regular check ups for your children

If you’re in the UK, find your children’s little red books. Make a note (or photograph) all their vaccinations and check ups. Book in for any they are due.

3. Regular checks for yourself

Decide on a way to record your menstrual cycle, if you don’t already. There are some really good apps for this. You might not be trying for a baby, but it’s always helpful to know where you are in your cycle.

Also, decide on a day each month when you’ll check your breasts for any lumps. Many women do this on their birthday date (i.e., if your birthday is on the 8th July, you’d always check on the 8th of each month).

4. Make a list of any repeat prescriptions

This one has been a lifesaver for me. I have seen different specialists for my eczema, and each specialist recommends different products! So I have a list on my phone of the ones that work and I can then request them from my GP. I have the medical name (rather than the brand name), the quantity and the strength written down. Then, when I’m in the doctor’s surgery I can easily pop a form in.

5. Register for online prescriptions

Pop in to your surgery and ask if you can register for online prescriptions. They will save you loads of time and hassle.

6. Put your GP, dentist, optician and any other specialist’s numbers into your phone

We’re always having to fill out these details on various forms – make it easy for yourself.

That’s it! Six easy tasks to help you to organise your health.

Ready to move on to the next step in organising your life?

Next week, we’re moving on to focus on our gardens! This has been requested by those of you in my Facebook group. If you don’t have a garden, you might want to do a bit more decluttering or catch up with previous months. I’m not the world’s best gardener, but I’ve got lots of ideas! I hope you can join us.


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