How to weed your garden effectively

This week, we’re going to tackle the weeds in our gardens. I’m going to show you how to weed your garden effectively, and we’re going to make inroads into the weeding. By the end of this week, hopefully there will be far fewer weeds in your garden!

As I’ve been researching this, I came across the term ‘weeding schedule.’ That is exactly what you need: ideally, a couple of slots in your weekly routine where you can go out and do half an hour’s weeding. That’s the best way to keep on top of it. So if you can, try to build this into your schedule in the summer months.

Hopefully, your lawn is looking a bit better. You might have some weeds to get out of your lawn – you can pick up weed and feed at a garden centre or you can dig them out by hand. This week, we’re focusing mainly on the borders and the edges of the gardens where the weeds grow. Don’t worry too much about the paths – that’s next week!

Transform your garden in one month

How to weed your garden effectively

If you want to weed your garden effectively, start at one end of the border. Choose one border and set yourself a time limit. I’d suggest 20 minutes if you don’t do this often, or 30 minutes if you’re feeling a bit stronger. The reason is that it’s hard on your back, and you don’t want to do yourself any damage. Plus, you can get a lot done in 20 minutes.

Using a hand fork (and kneeling on a kneeling pad), dig up the weeds quickly and without too much fuss. If you can’t get right to the bottom of a deep-rooted dandelion, don’t worry too much – just move on. Yes, it’ll grow back in a few months but you’ll be able to keep on top of it.

Work around the plants you actually want, forking through the soil and pulling out every scrap of weed. I’ve weeded bindweed out from a garden and I know you have to get every last scrap of that! We struggle with ivy in our current garden and it’s the same.

If you can, get some mulch (you can buy bark mulch from garden centres) and spread it over where you’ve weeded.

How to weed your garden effectively

Larger areas: How to weed your garden effectively

If you’ve got a bigger area where there aren’t any plants, like a completely neglected corner, you can spray weedkiller, leave it a week or so and then come back and clear it. It is easier, but the weeds do eventually come back if you don’t keep on top of it. You can also buy weed-suppressing fabric to put over these areas and then put stones or wood bark on the top which is really effective.

So this week, your challenge is to spend 20 minutes or so weeding your garden. The more sessions you can do, the better! So let’s get weeding!

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