Transform your Lawn in a Day

A few months ago, I asked my lovely OLP community (If you’re not in it, pop your email in the sign-up box at the bottom of this post and I’ll send you an invite.) what they would like help organising. Their response? Help me organise my garden.

So here we are. It’s July, and we’re going to organise our gardens. I’m a little bit ahead this month because I knew this was coming up, so I’ve tried some of the strategies I’m going to share.

First of all, let’s get some perspective. We’d all, in an ideal world, love to have beautiful, weed-free gardens with stunning floral displays all year round. Some sunshine would be lovely too. We’d like space for the kids to play, perhaps a mini-allotment with some perfect rows of organic vegetables growing, and a sun-soaked terrace complete with a lovely furniture set and a bottle of wine chilling.

That’s my dream. Unfortunately, my time is limited, so that dream is a little while away.

For so many of us, with so many demands on our time, the garden becomes a really low priority. But the good news is that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference. The other piece of good news is that, if you select the right plants, you can design a low-maintenance garden which you’ll be happy to enjoy year-round.

Transform your garden in one month

How to transform your garden in a month

I like to share the big picture with you, so I’m going to outline the next few weeks:

Week One: Sort out your lawn.

Week Two: Tackle the weeds

Week Three: Clean the paths, patio and decking.

Week Four: Tackle one big structure (either the fences, or a tree, or a border, or garden furniture etc.)

Personally, gardening is one of those jobs that I really have to do when the children are either asleep or being looked after by someone else. Although I love the idea of planting seeds together and watching them grow – and I have done this a few times with Ben – there are too many dangers in the garden for me to leave Samuel to potter. So I have to wait until they are in bed, or until Tim will take charge for an hour at the weekend, to tackle my projects.

That’s why I’m only giving you one task each week. Well, once you’ve got the lawn under control, you need to keep mowing it every week ideally. And once you’ve tackled the worst weeds, you need to keep on top of that. So these jobs do add up… But let’s get started.

Transform your lawn in a day

This week: Transform your lawn in a day

Mowing will be the first task. It’s really sunny at the moment but not too hot, so you can mow the lawn fairly short. Don’t worry about stripes or anything like that – just get it done.

Then get an edging tool. Neaten up all the edges of your borders, and wherever the lawn is starting to creep over the patio or paths.

Finally, get some grass seed (it’s in the supermarkets, you don’t need to make a special trip) and seed over any bare patches, You might like to dig up any weeds at the same time and re-seed those patches too.

That’s it. One of the nicest things about gardening is that things look better almost instantly. So with the lawn mowed and tidied, it’ll start to transform your garden.


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