Tackle a big garden project

The final task for our ‘Transform Your Garden’ challenge is to tackle a big project. Choose one thing to focus on and get it done, ideally in a weekend.

Think about the overall structure of your garden, and things that could make a difference.

Fences and walls

Look at the boundaries of your garden. Do they need repairing or painting? Do you have fence panels that are damaged? Could changing the colour of your walls or fences make a difference?


Look at the shape and style of your borders. Do you need to cut them back? Or perhaps you need to introduce some different colours? Have some plants become overgrown or invasive? Could you change the colour scheme slightly?


Pay attention to your garden furniture. Does it need a coat of paint, woodstain or oil? Do you need to replace or update your cushions? Think about how you are going to store your garden furniture over winter: do you need to get a cover?

Kids Toys

If you have a trampoline, swing set, slide or sand pit in your garden, the chances are that it’s had a fair amount of use already this summer. I know ours have! Take some time to inspect the toys, especially the netting on the trampoline, and top up the sand in the sand pit.

Garage or garden shed

Perhaps you need to spend a bit of time sorting out your garage or garden shed? Is it a tangle of bikes and hosepipes? Do you need to get the half-full tins of paint down to the tip? If it’s a wet day, this might be a good option.

Veg patch

Perhaps you want to dig a veg patch, or even make raised beds? That’s a good project for a long weekend, depending on your digging skills!

Whichever project you choose, make sure you get everything you need together before Saturday morning. (Or whenever your chosen date is.) The last thing you want to have to do is to head down to the DIY centre first. And get a takeaway on Sunday evening – you’ll deserve a reward for your hard work. I just hope we get some decent weather!

If you have several projects that you plan to do over the next year or so, choose a few and note them down on your Annual Cleaning Schedule. Over the rest of the Summer and Autumn, try to mow the lawn once a week and have a 20-30 minute weeding slot once a week as part of your weekly routine.

If you’ve missed the other projects in our month-long focus on gardening, you can find them here: Transform your Lawn in a Day and How to weed your garden effectively and How to clean your patio, paths and driveway

Next month, we’re focusing on relationships, especially marriages and friendships. I think it’s going to be a fantastic month with some lovely reflections, so pop your email into the sign-up box to join us.

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