Rachel and Leah: Rachel’s Death

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Rachel: Her second son is born


So this week, we come to the end of Rachel’s life. While they are travelling to Bethel, she goes into labour. It’s a difficult labour, and it seems that either the baby or Rachel, or both of them will die.

This child is a really longed-for child. After years of infertility, watching her sister have 6 sons and a daughter, her servant having 2 children and her sister’s servant bearing 2 more sons all to her husband, Rachel had Joseph. But she’s not satisfied. In Genesis 30 v 24, Rachel prays for another son.

God has given her so much. 2 weeks ago, we looked at the wealth that Jacob’s family had accrued. Rachel has her son, and she is the more beloved wife, as indicated last week, where Jacob places Rachel and Joseph in the safest place in the travelling party. Others must look at Rachel and think she has everything. Yet she’s still not satisfied. Is it still her competitive, jealous spirit, comparing herself to Leah? Does she still feel so insecure?

It’s made me wonder whether I do this. I have so much, and yet I am still so unsatisfied. I find myself falling into the trap of wishing I had more money, a smaller waist, a bigger home. I think this is a real danger in our society today, where it’s all too easy to scroll through Instagram and feel like our problems will be solved by another purchase or another acquisition.

It’s a bittersweet end to Rachel’s life. She gets the sons she has longed for. Joseph, in particular, is beloved of Jacob, as Rachel was. Joseph and Benjamin go on to have amazing lives, and become the heads of two of the tribes of Israel. Yet was she ever truly content?

God has been speaking to me a lot this week about contentment. 1 Timothy 6:6 tells us that ‘Godliness with contentment is great gain.’ After 10 weeks of studying Rachel and Leah, I think we can see that Rachel was so discontent. Comparison, jealousy and greed take away her potential for contentment. We have to be careful that the same doesn’t happen to us.

The midwife sees this, and tells Rachel she should be grateful for what she has. “Don’t despair, for you have another son.” Sons were so important for this family, as they are throughout the Old Testament, and Rachel had already provided a healthy, beloved son. I can’t help feeling a bit annoyed at the midwife, though. Rachel is already in great pain, despair and facing death – but at least she’s got one healthy son. Poor Rachel!

Throughout this story, I’ve been struck so many, many times by how modern it was. This story happens back in Genesis, but it could so easily play out on social media, or in our own lives – and it does, day after day. Comparison, envy and greed take away our joy, take away our contentment and ultimately, shape our lives.

I really wish Rachel’s story had a happier ending, but it doesn’t. Yes, her sons, especially Joseph, go on to great things, but for me, these have been pretty sad, painful shoes to walk in. Even if they are not issues that you are struggling with, other women are struggling with Rachel’s pain, so let’s be kind.

What’s next?

From Monday, we are starting our BRAND NEW SERIES, looking at Proverbs 31. Rachel and I are so excited about this, so I really hope you can join us. Our first verse is Proverbs 31:10 –

A wife of noble character, who can find?

She is worth far more than rubies.

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