10 great podcasts for Christian mums

Do you want to find great podcasts for Christian mums?

Over the last few months, I’ve got really into listening to podcasts. Firstly when I was out running, and then Tim bought me a little cable to connect my phone to my car stereo. I have my podcasts loaded up and they entertain me through my commute. I particularly enjoy listening to great podcasts for Christian mums. They’ve actually turned my commute into a bit of a treat, and when I don’t get time on my own in the car, I miss it!

I’ve found some fantastic podcasts really aimed at Christian Mums. As I fall into this category myself, and I know lots of my readers do too, I thought I’d share them. Some of them are recommendations from friends as well, but I have listened to them all.

10 great podcasts for Christian mums

  1. The God-Centred Mom
    My lovely friend Michelle recommended this one to me. Run by Heather MacFadyen, I have been completely struck by this lady’s gracious honesty. In the run-up to Christmas, she’s had a 4 part series called ‘The Well-Lopsided Series,’ where she has discussed her understanding of the body, the soul and the spirit, and how this relates to God and The Holy Spirit. Her Biblical knowledge is excellent and there’s so much to think about with every single episode.
  2. The Purpose Show
    This is Allie Casazza’s new show, spinning off from The Purpose Driven Home. Although Biblical teaching isn’t the main focus of the show, gospel values underline everything this lady stands for. As the mother of 4 small children, with a refreshing honesty about the challenges in that, Allie teaches about minimalism, finding your purpose and enjoying your family.
  3. Simply Life on Purpose
    Kelsey Van Kirk, the host of this show, used to co-host The Purpose-Driven Home with Allie Casazza. Simply Life on Purpose is Kendra’s new show, and I’m really excited about this.
  4. Havilah Cunnington
    Havilah Cunnington is a mum to 4 boys, and has a conversational teaching approach. She sometimes shares the podcast with her husband, which makes for an interesting listen. There is so much wisdom in her podcast. The only thing I would say is that sometimes the audio quality isn’t as good as the others.
  5. Cultivating the Lovely
    Doesn’t this have the loveliest name? It’s a really long-running podcast with a huge back-catalogue. Mackenzie Monroe often has brilliant guests and fascinating discussions. I really recommend episode 33 with Catherine McNiel – mostly because I love Catherine’s book!
  6. Mom Struggling Well
    Again, isn’t this a great name? This is another podcast with a huge back-catalogue. There are episodes which deal with specific crunch-points during the year, including back to school and Halloween, and lots of guests. This will be a great one to listen to regularly – you’re sure to find something that captures your interest.
  7. Risen Motherhood
    Risen Motherhood is a lovely podcast, primarily because as I flick through the back catalogue I can find so many episodes I want to listen to! The episodes have a really practical sense to them but I think so many Christian women will find them useful, especially if you don’t have that many Christian mum friends.
  8. The Marriage Challenge
  9. The Parentalk Podcast
    Both The Marriage Challenge and The Parentalk Podcast are from Care for the Family, and they are the only British entries on the list. (Do I spot an opportunity here? Yes, I do! Come on, British podcasters.) They aren’t updated particularly regularly which is a real shame because there is such wisdom here, and such grace. One of the things I really appreciate is that often the guests are parents whose children are almost grown up, and the encouragement they give is fantastic. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you that they aren’t toddlers forever! I’ve included The Marriage Challenge as well, as I think it’s really helpful to have resources devoted to our marriages. Again, the back-catalogue is worth a browse.
  10. At Home with Sally
    This is one of the happiest podcasts I’ve listened to! If you need a bit of a pick me up on the way to work, this is the one I’d pick. Sally Clarkson clearly has an amazing ministry, and shares her words of encouragement and teaching with us in her podcast. Again, she has a huge back-catalogue, so take your pick.

They are my 10 great podcasts for Christian mums. There are loads of other podcasts, and lots of Christian podcasts that aren’t aimed at mums, but these ones specifically deal with parenting and faith. Which podcasts are your favourite?

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