1 month to reconnect with God and get your spiritual life on track

Are you feeling a bit disconnected from God? Perhaps you’ve had a time of ‘back-sliding’? Or maybe life has just been a bit crazy recently. Whichever way, you want to reconnect with God.

This month, we’re going to take 5 different aspects of our spiritual life and really focus on each one: what’s working (and what’s not), our prayer life, our Bible study, our community… We’re going to take the time to reconnect with God.

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What do you mean, ‘Reconnect with God?’

I’m talking about making time and space in your day to think. To study the Bible. To pray. It’s about time to focus on God and listen for His voice.

This is so hard, especially when you have young children who are always clamouring for your attention. To find time in our day for peace and quiet, to focus on your own needs and set aside the demands of work and home? That is incredibly challenging.

Perhaps you want to get back into a routine of Bible study. Maybe you feel like you’ve forgotten how to pray. Or you just don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you just need a bit of refreshment and encouragement. That’s absolutely fine too.

Will there be a daily task?

What I would say is that most people would aim to have some kind of daily quiet time. That’s probably what you’re aiming at. But we are not about guilt: if you don’t get there, that’s fine.

In the Workbook, I’ve given you space each day. But if you miss a day, please don’t stress. Do as much or as little as you can – knowing that each day brings you closer to God.

Will you tell me what Bible verses I have to study?

No, I won’t – because I think it’s important that you choose what you are studying. But if you do want a starting point, I’d suggest joining in with Rachel and I in our Mummy Meditations. You can find all these posts here: Faith.

What do I need to get started?

The very best thing for you would be to download my free, printable workbook. I’ve made everything easy for you to follow the programme.

You might also want to get some things together which you enjoy using: perhaps a colouring book and some lovely pencils, some chilled music or some poetry or craft materials. This is about you, so whatever you enjoy.

I really, really hope you can join us on this journey. It’s going to be brilliant.

Find the first task here: Spiritual Self Assessment

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