Declutter your Living Room

Living room, front room, sitting room… Whatever you call it, the chances are you spend a fair amount of time there. If you’ve got small children, it might be full of toys. If you’ve got older children, perhaps it’s full of video games or DVDs. Even if it’s just you, it might still be full of things you don’t really use.

This week, our mission is to declutter our living rooms.

The Weekly Challenge

This week, I’m challenging you to get rid of 20 items in your living room that you don’t use. This can (and should) include children’s toys if you have children.

You can choose 20 small items – perhaps the pen that needs to go back in the drawer – or large items – the broken lamp that you meant to get repaired but never did.

Again, I only want you to spend 20 minutes or so on this. Can you find 20 items to declutter in 20 minutes?

The Daily Challenges

Monday: Spend 15-20 minutes sorting out the children’s toys. Find the missing pieces, collect the various bits of the set together. Decide if you need to buy or find more storage. If you don’t have children’s toys around, go through your DVD collection. Will you watch them again?

Tuesday: Choose one bookshelf. Go through it and pull out any books that you won’t read or refer to again. Either take them to the charity shop or list them for sale.

Wednesday: Spend another 20 minutes going through the toys. Is there anything that your children have grown out of? Things that they don’t play with? Pack it up and either store it for younger children or pass it on. Note: do this when the children are in bed or out, or they will suddenly insist that they love that toy.

Thursday: Go through the children’s art and craft supplies. Work out what they use and the best way to store it. No children? Go through your own stationery supplies.

Friday: Children’s books. Go through and pull out any that are either too young for your children or that they don’t like. Pass them on to other families or the charity shop. If you don’t have children, look at the ornaments/nick-nacks, photographs and so on that are on the surfaces of your home. Do you love them? Try packing them away in a box and seeing how it feels with your surfaces clear.

Saturday: If you decided earlier in the week that you need more storage, go and get it, then put it to good use!

Sunday: Look at your surfaces in your living room. What do you want on display? What do you want to get rid of? Remember that clear surfaces are calming and easier to clean.

If you’re in The Organised Life Project Facebook group, pop in and let us know how you’re doing!

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