Declutter the garage, shed and outside

For the final few of this month, we’re heading outside. We’re going to declutter our garage, garden shed, decking or patio area. If you don’t have a garden or garage, you get a bit more time inside!

Before we do that, however, I want you to think back to 31st December, before we started this project. Perhaps the Christmas decorations were still up. Or maybe you still had gifts that needed to be put away. For us, our toy boxes were stuffed to overflowing and everything needed a good sort-out.

Now take a look around your home. I’m sure it doesn’t look ‘perfect’ – whatever your image of perfect may be – but hopefully, it’s clearer. Hopefully, you’ve found homes for everything that didn’t have a place to belong. Your surfaces might be clearer. You might have taken bags and boxes of stuff to the charity shop. That’s brilliant. You’ve come a long way.

If you don’t feel like that, don’t panic. The decluttering doesn’t stop on 1st February. Instead, the principles that we’ve worked on over the last few weeks become part of your mindset. That is:

  1. Everything needs a home.
  2. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of things.

Looking ahead to next month, we’re going to be focusing on creating routines to help our home work smoothly. Look out for more details soon!

Declutter your shed and garage

The Weekly Task

This week, go outside for 15 minutes. You don’t have to do any longer, especially if it’s cold! Tidy up and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in your garden – any rubbish, empty flower pots, toys etc. Cut back any shrubs which are in the way and give it a general tidy.

The Daily Tasks

Monday: Head into the garage. Spend 15 minutes tidying, putting away and decluttering.

Tuesday: If you need to, head to the tip. If not, spend another 15 minutes decluttering your shed or garage.

That’s it! One month of decluttering tasks – done! Congratulations!

How to declutter your garage

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