Decluttering the Bedrooms and the ‘Office Space.’

How well do you sleep? I have to say, I am not a great sleeper. Neither of my children sleep particularly well, and I’m often up with them, but I also wake myself up. I worry about things, I have ideas about things… Or my husband is snoring.

This week’s challenges are designed to help you to sleep better. We’re going to be decluttering our bedrooms and making them all together much nicer places to sleep. I’ve presumed you’ll have children’s bedrooms or spare bedrooms that you will need to declutter.

I’ve also included some ‘office’ type challenges. This is something that lots of people in our Facebook group seem to be struggling with, so if that sounds like you, pop your email address in at the bottom of this post and I’ll send you the link to the group.

We are NOT doing clothes this week. I think clothes are a different kind of clutter, and need to be dealt with differently, so I’ve go a month coming up when we really focus on clothes. However, if the inspiration strikes you, and you feel the need to declutter clothes, feel free!

I want to draw your attention to these filing boxes. I have one per adult, and one for ‘house’ things like bills and important documents. They are absolutely brilliant: really sturdy and easy to use. They are also currently on sale. If you buy them on Monday morning, they could even be delivered in time for you to complete most of the other challenges!

The Weekly Challenge

This week, tidy away everything from the surfaces in your bedrooms. Either bin it, give it away or find it a home.

I mean EVERY surface. Dressing table, bedside table, chairs… Let’s get that clutter cleared away.

The Daily Challenges

Monday: Sort out your bedside tables. Decide what you will have on there and put anything else away.

Tuesday: Gather together all your loose papers into a ‘to file’ pile. Spend 15 minutes working through this pile. When 15 minutes are up, stop.

Wednesday: Spend 10 minutes tidying each child’s bedroom. Put anything away that needs to go away.

Thursday: Spend another 15 minutes filing and putting away papers.

Friday: Choose a drawer or cupboard in a bedroom. Sort it out, getting rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there.

Saturday: Spend another 15 minutes filing, dealing with and putting away papers.

Sunday: Spend 20 minutes doing a task of your choice. It might be more work in the office, or might be sorting out another cupboard, or even clearing out your make-up. Spend 20 minutes, then stop.

We will be having a month where we focus on finances and dealing with paperwork, so if you don’t get it all sorted this week, don’t panic. Just keep joining in, and don’t forget to sign up to receive weekly updates and access to the exclusive Facebook group.

Ready for Week 4? Head over to this post: Bathroom and Entrance Hall

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