Declutter your Bathroom and Entrance Hall

This week, we’re focusing on two of the smallest rooms in the house: the bathroom (s) and the entrance hall. I actually think these rooms tend to get cluttered really easily because 1. Everyone uses them and 2. They tend to be small.

However, for us, that’s really good news because they can be decluttered really easily. Once they are decluttered, they will make your whole house run more smoothly.

I want to be really clear on two things, which are kind of becoming my golden rules of this month.

Firstly, everything in your house needs a home.

Everything needs a place where it belongs, and where it can be put away. This might be out on a shelf or a windowsill, for example, but it should be a home for that object. Things that don’t have a home become clutter.

Secondly, don’t let yourself feel guilty about throwing or giving things away.

This is coming up repeatedly with those of you who are going through the process. If you don’t like it, or use it, or want it, please get rid of it. It’s when we hang on to things we don’t really want that we make ourselves miserable.

So, lecture over, here are this week’s tasks:

Weekly Task

In your bathroom (if you have more than one, try to do both), gather together all the bottles, soaps, shampoo, shower gel etc. Sort through them and get rid of any that are empty, duplicates (put them away somewhere), or those that you don’t use.

Daily Tasks

Monday: Walk through the front door into your hallway or entrance. What do you see first of all? What would you like to see? Remove 5 things that don’t need to be there.

Tuesday: Sort out your towels. Get rid of any that are worn out, and only keep what you need plus a few for guests.

Wednesday: Sort through your coats, hats, scarves etc. What can you get rid of? Tidy them and put them in a basket or drawer.

Thursday: Go through a bathroom cabinet. Get rid of any out of date medications and stock up on what you do need.

Friday: Sort through your shoes. Put away any that are the wrong season and get rid of any that don’t fit or are worn out. Clean any that need it.

Saturday: If you have children, go through the bath toys. Get rid of any that are mouldy or that they don’t play with. If you don’t have children, declutter another surface or cabinet.

Sunday: Step outside your front door and look at it. What could you do to improve it? Does it need a plant? A wreath? A coat of paint? Or perhaps just a good sweep for the front doorstep!

Ready for the final few days of decluttering? Head over to this post: Declutter the garage, shed and outside.

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