31 items to declutter in January

Happy New Year! This year, I’m starting several new projects. One of them is a monthly decluttering checklist. Every month, there will be a post with a list of things to declutter that month. One item a day. You can do one thing a day, or 31 all in one go – it’s up to you. You might choose to spend 30 minutes a week doing the decluttering. Either way, it will definitely make a difference.

This month, we’re really focusing on the kitchen – and dealing with all those holiday decorations and gifts, of course! Don’t forget to sign up for my Fresh Start Food Challenge too.

The principles for decluttering are always the same: Keep what you use, need and love. Get rid of everything else.

31 items to declutter in January

  1. Outdoor Christmas Decorations
  2. Christmas Cards
  3. The Christmas Tree and other indoor Christmas decorations
  4. Christmas-themed books
  5. Leftover Christmas crackers
  6. Leftover Christmas wrapping paper
  7. Saucepans
  8. Saucepan lids
  9. Baking trays
  10. Roasting trays
  11. Plates
  12. Bowls
  13. Children’s crockery
  14. Serving dishes
  15. Cups
  16. Glasses
  17. Wine glasses
  18. Cutlery drawer
  19. Serving spoons
  20. Wooden spoons
  21. Other kitchen utensils
  22. Cling film/tin foil/baking parchment
  23. Cake tins
  24. Baking equipment
  25. Cookie cutters
  26. Food storage boxes
  27. Chopping boards
  28. Trays
  29. Clear your kitchen windowsill
  30. Tea towels
  31. Small kitchen appliances

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