30 things to declutter in September

I actually love September, and the whole ‘back-to-school’ feeling. I’ve been a teacher for 14 years and there is nothing that makes you feel more organised than a whole load of stationery. On the other hand, there’s nothing that makes you feel more overwhelmed than the start of a new school year!

If you’ve been following my monthly decluttering posts, you’ll know that we’ve pretty much decluttered the entire house (an average house). This month, I want to focus on digital clutter.

Digital clutter is the curse of the 21st century! It steals our time, makes us feel stressed and overwhelmed, and we numb these feelings by scrolling through Facebook yet again. When you’ve sorted your paper clutter, you move more things to digital – but we need to keep on top of it. I promise you, this month is going to make you feel lighter and less stressed than you realise.

You’ll notice that digital photos only appears once. That’s because in October, we are really focusing on photos. The whole of October is going to be about sorting your digital photos into albums, deleting those you don’t want and sorting them out. So don’t worry about photos this month.

30 things to declutter in September

  1. Unsubscribe from any unwanted mailing list emails that come into your inbox this month
  2. File or delete emails from the last month
  3. File or delete emails one – six months old
  4. File or delete emails six to twelve months old
  5. File or delete emails over a year old
  6. Facebook Groups (Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/)
  7. Facebook Pages (Visit your own profile, then click ‘More.’)
  8. Facebook Events
  9. Facebook friends
  10. Chrome browser extensions
  11. Bookmarked pages
  12. Unwanted digital photos from the last month
  13. Your downloads folder
  14. Your twitter feed
  15. Unused apps on your phone
  16. Podcasts
  17. Your saved documents
  18. Any email accounts you no longer use
  19. Your instagram feed
  20. Dropbox or Google Docs
  21. Pinterest feed
  22. WhatsApp groups
  23. Computer desktop – try using a minimalist image to help you to organise your desktop
  24. Any computer apps or programmes you no longer use
  25. Defrag or clean your computer disk
  26. Old digital devices (cameras, memory sticks etc)
  27. Cables and chargers
  28. Printer cartridges
  29. Programme packaging and instruction manuals
  30. Spend time creating a decent folder structure


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