30 things to declutter in June

Well, May was seriously warm – the hottest I can remember since moving North 14 years ago. We spent loads of time in the garden, and it was definitely worth decluttering all our winter to summer stuff in 31 things to declutter in May.

The warm weather is set to continue, so I thought that this month, we’d take advantage of this and declutter our garages, sheds, basements…

30 things to declutter in June

  1. Garden toys
  2. Small gardening tools (hand tools)
  3. Large gardening tools (spades, forks etc)
  4. Packets of seeds
  5. Flowerpots
  6. Small DIY tools (screwdrivers, hand saws, small hammer etc)
  7. Nails, screws and DIY fixings
  8. Larger DIY tools
  9. Tins of paint
  10. Painting rollers and brushes
  11. Empty boxes
  12. Bikes, scooters and ride-on toys
  13. Garden chairs
  14. Umbrellas
  15. Weedkiller/Patio cleaner etc
  16. Welly boots
  17. Camping equipment
  18. Tents
  19. Sleeping bags
  20. Suitcases
  21. Pieces of wood
  22. Canes/plant supports
  23. Pieces of carpet/rugs
  24. Garden tables
  25. Cool boxes and bags
  26. Picnic blankets
  27. Picnic cutlery and crockery
  28. Brooms, dustpans and brushes
  29. Clothes pegs
  30. Washing baskets

As you are decluttering, look for things where you can solve a problem. For example, does your hosepipe need an attachment to make it fit the tap properly? Take the time to get one. Get rid of things that you know you don’t need, that you don’t use or love. Acknowledge the things that are causing you guilt, and remove them. Enjoy the space this creates, and enjoy being able to find your things!


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