28 items to declutter in February

Last month, I published my first monthly decluttering checklist. It’s been one of my most popular posts, so I’m sure you’re all ready for another! This month, we’re really focusing on the bedrooms.

These include your bedroom and your children’s bedrooms. Of course, if your children are older, they can certainly do this for themselves. But if they are young, you’ll need to do it for them.

The furniture surfaces in our bedrooms can be the easiest to get cluttered – clothes, accessories, books, pens… I know what I can be like! Make a real effort to decide exactly what you do – and don’t – want on the surfaces and stick to it.

28 Items to Declutter in February

  1. Any cups, glasses or crockery
  2. Books on the bedside tables
  3. Your dressing table surface
  4. Your make up drawer
  5. Your skincare products
  6. Fragrances
  7. Hair products/stylers
  8. Out of shape pillows
  9. Old blankets or duvets
  10. Sports bags
  11. Any drawer you choose
  12. The windowsill
  13. Behind the bedroom door
  14. Any cupboard you choose
  15. Any shelf you choose
  16. Your jewellery
  17. Worn out bedding
  18. Lamps you don’t like
  19. Any drawer or cupboard you choose
  20. Children’s drawers (tops only)
  21. Children’s shelves
  22. Children’s cupboards
  23. Children’s bedroom floors
  24. Children’s bedding
  25. Spare bedding (put sets into pillowcases)
  26. Underneath the bed
  27. Your handbag
  28. Your purse

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