How to clean your hall, stairs and landing

If you are following the 10 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge, today is Day 5. Today may well be a fairly easy day. We’re doing the Hall, Stairs and Landing.

As you are cleaning, you will come across things you no longer need, use or love. Please take this opportunity to get rid of them. There is no point in keeping anything you are not prepared to clean, and it’s much easier to clean a decluttered room than one that is full of stuff you don’t really love.

What do I need?

Gather your supplies. Today, you’ll need:

  • Dusters (including a feather duster)
  • A wet cloth
  • Floor cleaner
  • Mop/cloth/bucket
  • Window cleaner
  • Window cleaning cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bin bag

Hall, Stairs and Landing Deep Clean: Step by Step

  1. Dust the light, fixings and corners of the ceiling.
  2. Dust the walls.
  3. Remove the curtains and wash them, or shake them thoroughly.
  4. Clean the windows and mirrors.
  5. Remove all objects from flat surfaces and wipe them down.
  6. Dust all flat surfaces.
  7. Dust skirting boards.
  8. Wipe down door handles and light switches.
  9. Empty bins.
  10. Vacuum or sweep floor.
  11. Mop floor if appropriate.
  12. If you’re following the 10 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge, put oven cleaner in your oven tonight.

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