How to clean a child’s bedroom

As part of our 10 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge, we’re tackling the children’s bedrooms. Perhaps they are a mess of Lego, arts and crafts or dirty clothes. Or maybe your toddler decided to hide trains and crackers behind his bed. Either way, you need my guide to cleaning a child’s bedroom.

What do I need?

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Dusters (including a feather duster)
  • A wet cloth
  • Surface cleaning spray if you use it
  • Furniture polish if you use it
  • Window cleaner
  • Window cleaning cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bin bag

How to clean a child’s bedroom: Step by Step

  1. Grab a box. Get anything that doesn’t belong in the room and put it in the box.
  2. Clear the floor – you need to be able to move around safely. You can put everything into another box, a laundry basket or even just on the bed.
  3. Dust the lamp shade, fixings and corners of the ceiling
  4. Dust each wall
  5. Take down the curtains and put them in the wash if you can. If not, give them a very good shake outside. You might like to hoover them!
  6. Clean the windows and mirrors.
  7. Remove all objects from flat surfaces, dust carefully and lay on bed.
  8. Get rid of or put away anything you don’t need out.
  9. Damp-dust all the flat surfaces. Spray non-wood surfaces with surface cleaner if you like. Use furniture polish if you like.
  10. Spend 10 minutes putting things away.
  11. Dust skirting boards.
  12. Spend 10 minutes putting things away.
  13. Wipe down door handles.
  14. Spend another 10 minutes putting things away.
  15. Optional: Take clothes out of wardrobe. Sort into categories and re-hang with hangers facing backwards.
  16. Clear the bottom of wardrobe and vacuum. Put objects back.
  17. Optional: Take clothes out of drawers. Sort, refold and replace.
  18. Pull out everything from under bed. Vacuum under bed thoroughly. Dust everything from under bed and put everything back – if you want to keep it.
  19. Empty bin.
  20. Strip bedsheets, pillow cases and cushion cases. Put in washing machine.
  21. Vacuum mattress and turn if you can or need to.
  22. Vacuum any other soft furnishings e.g. chairs.
  23. Vacuum floors thoroughly.
  24. Remake bed.

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