How to Organise Christmas Gifts

If you’ve been following The Organised Life Project, you’ll know we’re onto the final month in the project – and we’ll be starting over again in 2018!

If you want to get organised, my book is available on Kindle in the UK and the US and has a whole chapter on celebrations – including birthdays and Christmas.

This month, we’re naturally focusing on Christmas, and making sure your Christmas is organised and peaceful. This week, we’re tackling the most overwhelming part of Christmas in my opinion: the gifts.

Sort your gifts into boxes

When you have kids around – especially inquisitive kids – and you come home with something that is intended as a gift, the temptation is to stuff it away as quickly as possible. One thing I suggest you do is clear a shelf, high up, ideally in a wardrobe or cupboard. This is where you are going to store your gifts before they are wrapped.

Now, get a box for each person in your family, and sort the gifts you have already purchased into those boxes. You may need to make a distracting label (something like kitchen equipment) so that your recipients don’t get suspicious.

Choose wrapping paper for stockings and main gifts

However you do it in your house, I find it useful for ‘Santa’ to have one kind of wrapping paper for each child, and for ‘under the tree’ presents to be in a different style. This really helps me to keep it separate.

Grab a few stocking fillers – but not too many

If you’re short on ideas, gifts that are suitable for children but also not costly are:






Little toys

Pack of cards

Selfie Kit

Drinks bottle

Fidget spinner

Remember, you don’t want clutter around after you’ve decluttered, so choose wisely!

Dedicate some wrapping time – and equipment

I prefer to have one or two big wrapping sessions – Christmas music on, tree and decorations up – and all the equipment to hand. If you’ve been following my Christmas Countdown, you’ll have your wrapping paper ready, but if not, you’ll want some ribbons, gift tags, sellotape and sharp scissors. You may also want some gift bags.

A few years ago, I treated myself to a proper Sellotape dispenser, and it has made wrapping gifts a million times easier. That’s a big statement, but I’d had enough of losing the end of the tape, lining it all up on the tables and then it sticking to everything except the paper. So if you haven’t got one, get one immediately! You can buy one really easily here: Sellotape Dispenser (that’s an affiliate link so I get a tiny bit of commission at no extra cost to you.

Think about Birthday Presents

If you regularly give to the same people (thinking of extended family), it’s worth noting down if you have any ideas for birthday presents. If someone gives you a few ideas, and you buy one of them, keep the others for ideas for birthday gifts – just in a note in your phone. It’ll save you time in the next year.


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