Christmas Countdown: 9 Weeks to Go

Welcome to the second of our Christmas Countdown posts. This week it’s Christmas Countdown 9 weeks to go.  I really hope you found it useful to get your budget sorted and make your present lists last week. I now have a spreadsheet set up, and a list on my phone of people I need to buy for. It’s great, as I’m looking even now.

This week’s tasks involve some actual buying. Yes, that’s right. Now you’ve set your budget, you can get spending!

Christmas Countdown 9 Weeks to Go

Task One: Decide on your Christmas Card list.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed we’ve sent fewer cards (in my defence, last year I had a tiny baby) and have received fewer cards. I do think it’s lovely to send cards though, especially to family and friends that you don’t see often. Perhaps its strange, but I don’t often send them to people I do see frequently, most often because we tend to do something together.

Anyway, you will know who you want to send Christmas cards to. So your task for this week is to go through your list, check any addresses and put in any updates. You don’t have to start writing cards yet.

Task Two: Start Making Christmas Gifts

If you’re planning to make any Christmas gifts, you want to get started on them soon.

Some ideas for you:

Port, Orange and Cranberry Sauce – This would look amazing as part of a hamper.

Homemade Gift Jars

Mulled Wine Scented Candles – These look stunning, and I bet they would smell gorgeous too.

I love these Pressed Flowers. This article has lots of ideas from Country Living.

Finally, I Heart Naptime (a blog I kind of obsess over ) have a whole load of printables and gift ideas here. 

I am not arty or crafty, therefore I will not be making any gifts, but if you are, they make beautiful, unique presents. But crafts do take time, so get started this week.

Task Three: Buy your wrapping paper and gift tags.

I can spend hours looking at wrapping ideas. I love the idea of having beautifully co-ordinating wrapping in classy, stylish colours, with beautiful, on-trend embellishments.

The reality is that I buy the 3 for 2 rolls. I plan to allocate each person a style of wrapping paper (especially for stocking presents). Then I do some wrapping, Tim does some wrapping, and it gets mixed up.

So this year, grown ups are getting beautiful, embellished, stylish presents. Kids are getting kid-friendly wrapping paper. Stockings will be co-ordinated so the presents aren’t mixed up (and the paper must be different to their under-the-tree presents). I will make sure of this.

Task Four: Send out gift ideas

This is the optional task this week. In fact, I’ve already done this for some people. I find it’s really helpful to have a list of things that your family members would like, which you can give to other people (if they ask) for ideas. My mum is already asking, so I’ve sent our ideas for the boys already.

Thats it. If you spot the perfect present for someone on your list, get it. But have fun picking your wrapping paper, knowing that you’ve budgeted for it and that you’re spreading the cost of the spending out.

And pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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