Christmas Countdown: 7 Weeks to Go

This week on our Christmas Countdown there are 7 weeks to go. I must admit, I’ve got a bit behind myself this week. To help you – and me – catch up, I’ll be sending out a catch-up email this week, so make sure you’re subscribed to my Christmas Countdown mailing list.

This week’s tasks are about Advent, which is the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and more crafts!

Christmas Countdown 7 weeks to go - Plan for advent activities


Task One: Buy Advent Calendars

This can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. I have dreams of one day having a couple of those little advent houses, which are filled with imaginative treats each year. The reality is that I have two small children whose greatest joy will be getting a chocolate behind the door of their Advent calendar!

There’s actually a good selection in supermarkets this year, so pick yours up now if that’s what you choose to do.

Task Two: Plan any Advent activities

We’re Christians, so teaching our children about Advent and the story of Jesus’ birth is really important to us. I’m going to be using this Christmas Family Sticker book with Ben from Godventure. They also have some amazing sticker Advent calendars, where you create the Nativity scene. I’ll definitely be investing in those!

I also love the idea of the reverse Advent calendar: each day over Advent, you put an item in a box for a food bank. You then take the box full of goodies to your local Food Bank. Of course, you could do an Advent declutter, or a good deed every day of Advent too.

Task Three: Plan your Christmas Crafts

I love the idea of Christmas crafts. In my head, I have a few quiet hours, fidding around, listening to Christmas music, making decorations and special cards with the boys or just by myself. The end product is beautiful the photographs are Pinterest-worthy.

The reality is that I spend too much money in Hobbycraft, and then the craft keeps Ben entertained for approximately 6 minutes.

At least, that was true last year. This year, it might be different.

Task Four: Keep buying gifts

Hopefully, you’ll have made a good start on your gift buying by now. As you buy your gifts, try to wrap them straightaway, which keeps on top of it. As long as they are clearly labelled, they’ll be fine!

Pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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  • Your countdown is such a brilliant idea! I may be panicking slightly now as I’ve done absolutley nothing yet, but hopefully I’ll catch up with your help!

    • I hope so! I intended to get a catch-up email out this week but life has taken over a bit… Hopefully you’ve caught up a bit and there’s still plenty of time. xx

  • This is really helpful, I have signed up so hopefully you’ll push me to be more organised! I found a beautiful cloth advent calendar in H&M so I’m going to fill that with little treats as well as a random act of kindness to do for each day. Totally with you on the crafts, never turns out quite how I imagine either!!

    • Thanks so much for signing up! Hopefully it will help you get more organised, I’m definitely further ahead this year than normal. xx