Christmas Countdown: 6 Weeks to Go

Wow, these weeks leading up to Christmas are flying by… or is that just me? There are now only 6 weeks until Christmas, but hopefully you’re well on the way to getting organised. This week on Christmas Countdown 6 Weeks to Go, we’re getting ready to bake, and writing our cards.

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Task One: Choose your recipes


November 20th (i.e., next Sunday), is Stir Up Sunday. That’s the traditional day for making your Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding. So you need to decide this week which recipe you’re going to make.

Now, I’ve never made a Christmas pudding – in fact, it’s one of my 35 things to do before I’m 35 – but I have made Christmas cakes. I really love Nigella’s Easy Action Christmas Cake, and Mary Berry’s Christmas Cake is a classic. My mum makes Delia’s Light Christmas Cake which has lots of tropical fruit in it and is absolutely beautiful.

You don’t need to bake your cake yet unless you want to. However, you do need to choose your recipes so you can…

Task Two: Buy cake and pudding ingredients

This might sound daft, but all the dried fruit for these things adds up. So get them bought now and you can spread the cost a bit. All the shops have Christmas biscuits, crackers and special foods in, so start stocking up. If you add a couple of things in each time you go shopping, you’ll spread the cost out.

I won’t be buying any Christmas biscuits in advance because they would all get eaten in this house (mostly by me, if I’m honest).

Task Three: Write your Christmas Cards

This is the kind of task that looms over you like a black cloud. If you’re going to send them, hopefully you’ve sorted out your list and you’ve bought your cards and stamps. Set aside a couple of hours over the next week to get them mostly written, and then keep going until they are done. You don’t need to send them yet – wait until at least the first week of December – but you’ll be pleased to get it done.

Pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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