Christmas Countdown: 3 Weeks to go

This week, it’s Christmas Countdown 3 weeks to go, and we’re focusing on the decor. Trees, wreaths and fairy lights! What’s not to love!

You might have already completed this week’s task. Each year, it seems we put our tree up earlier and earlier! Perhaps you’re a 1st of December family, or perhaps you wait until Christmas Eve. It’s up to you.

Christmas Countdown 3 weeks to go

Task One: Put up and decorate your Christmas tree

This is actually one of my very favourite days in the whole year. Over the last few years, we’ve had real trees, but before that, we had an artificial tree (until it started looking a bit sparse). I like to buy a few more ornaments each year, and have some that the children have created.

I think there’s a definite order and logic to putting the tree up: planting it in a holder; fluffing out the branches and deciding on the best angle; wrapping the lights around it (best to do it with the lights on so you can check the distribution; placing the star on top, and finally the baubles. That’s how I do it anyway!

You’ll also want to get out all your other Christmas decorations: a wreath for the front door if you have one, extra lights etc – whatever you have. They are probably all kept together anyway.

Task Two: Post your cards

Hopefully, you’ve already written your cards and have even addressed and stamped them – or delegated that job to someone else. This week, take a quick trip to the post box and get them mailed.

Task Three: Get Wrapping!

This is my big one for this week (the tree is already up). I have done all my shopping, and the presents have mostly been delivered. But they are now all squirrelled away in my spare room! I need to dedicate a child-free evening to some wrapping paper, scissors and sellotape.

Task Four: Book yourself a Christmas treat

As enjoyable as decorating the tree is, this week I want you to book yourself a Christmas treat. Whether it’s a trip to the Christmas markets with a friend, a pre-Christmas hair cut, a manicure or a spa day, or something completely different, book yourself a treat for the week before Christmas. I know it’s a really manic time of the year, so ideally it’ll be something that is just for you, which allows you to recharge.

Pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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