Christmas Countdown: 1 week to go

It’s here. Christmas Countdown: 1 week to go. I cannot get over how quickly the last few weeks have flown by, and how busy I’ve been. But now, with Christmas Day only a week away, it’s time to pull everything together for the final bits of preparation. There’s a lot to do this week, but hopefully you’ve got the presents, cards and planning all out of the way.

Christmas Countdown 1 Week to Go

Task One: Do your food shopping

Every year, we see the same thing: a mad rush on Christmas Eve, with people panic-buying milk, bread and every conceivable interpretation of mince pies, as if the supermarkets were going to be closed for a month. They will be closed for two days. That’s it! But obviously, if you’ve got a crowd coming to stay, you’ll need to stock up.

Hopefully you managed to book your online shop and can get your shopping delivered. But if not, the supermarkets are usually fairly quiet first thing in the morning and later in the evening.

Task Two: Sort out your table

You might have already bought crackers, napkins and wine, but if not, add them to your food shop. If you want to have flowers and other things on the table, get them ordered too. If there are tensions within your guests, work out a seating plan and aim for the best!

Task Three: Wrap any remaining gifts

If you can, hide yourself away for a couple of hours, stick on some Christmas music and get the wrapping blitzed. I’ve done mine in a few afternoons when Samuel has slept, but I still have one or two presents to get wrapped up. Then get them to their recipients!

Task Four: Decide what to wear

TaTask Four: Decide what to wear

Whether your wear your pyjamas, your Christmas jumper or get properly glammed-up, decide what you’re going to wear on Christmas Day.

Task Five: Get cleaning

Whether you’re going away or hosting, the chances are that you’ll need to give the house a good clean beforehand. If, like me, the last few weeks have been incredibly busy, you’ll be a bit behind, so put that on your to-do list this week!

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