Weekly Blogging Routine

My post on my daily blogging routine has been really popular, so the next step was to work out my weekly blogging routine. These are the things that I do over the course of a week – a couple of jobs a day. I’m still trying to build up my YouTube channel, and I’m planning to upload one video a week, so that’s a real priority for me.

In terms of scheduling, I schedule to groups within Facebook now, which is really easy. I also – after months of resisting – have started using the WP Calendar plug-in, which really helps me plan my posting schedule.

Once it’s finished (which should be next week), I’ll put a checklist for my daily, weekly and monthly blogging schedules into my Resource Library. You’ll need the password to access this, so make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list.

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Weekly Blogging Routine

  • Film, edit and upload vlog
  • Send an email to my subscribers
  • Schedule posts to Facebook groups
  • Update any plugins
  • Work out posting schedule for next week
  • Draft posts
  • Take, edit and upload photographs for posts
  • Write, edit and send a guest post
  • Add any affiliate links to posts if relevant
  • Find 5 new # to follow on Instagram
  • Go through Saved posts on Facebook and either schedule or respond
  • Join in with a Twitter chat

Certain things on this list – like updating plugins – feel like they are unnecessary, but having an outdated plug-in can do horrendous things to your blog, so it’s worth keeping on top of things.

Also, some bloggers work differently to others, and if you only post one blog post a week, you won’t need to work out you posting schedule in the same way or draft a number of posts. But, like I always say, you can adapt these routines to your own situation.

Some of these things – especially those further down the list – are less important in terms of current readers, but can be really important in terms of growing your presence on social media, so they are worth building into your blogging routine.

Remember to pop back next week for the monthly blogging schedule!

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